Best Multi-system PCB?


Been a while but i’m looking to upgrade my stick again. Would like a better PCB now, thats multi-system. Primarily I’ll be using it on the PS2, but i’d also like 360 & PS3 compatibility.

I thought a chtulu was what i wanted, but the models i’ve looked at are only PS3/360/Pc. Am i wrong?

Any advice would be appreciated.


I’m pretty sure there’s no PCB that does PS2, PS3, and 360

There’s the Cthulhu route which is PS2/PS3/PC/GC/Wii/other crap? in one + a seperate 360 board

And there’s this Joytron Paewang Revolution -PCB Only- 360/PS3/PC in one but no PS2/GC/Wii


Cthulhu is ONLY PlayStation 3.
Multi-Console Cthulhu is ONLY PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation, GameCube, SNES, NES, and more.
ChImp is ONLY PlayStation 3.

None of the above have Xbox 360, so you are wrong that the Cthulhu is PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
The only PCB that has both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is the Datel/Paewang.

With any of the Cthulhu and ChImp, to get Xbox 360 will need Xbox 360 Controller for Dual Mod.

You can do a Triple Mod with ChImp and Xbox 360 Controller and PlayStation Controller if you want.
Or just use a Multi-Console Cthulhu for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2, then Dual Mod that with Xbox 360 Controller.


Playstation Dual-shock1 pcb with converters for both systems :stuck_out_tongue:


So they do have one that supports PS2?

Also on such a PCB, would a PS2-to-360 converter work?

My stick is a custom AC2 HRAP2 with stock PS2 PCB. I guess it would be nice if i didn’t have to use converters…


Best way right there. RJ45 mod for detachable cables and a single rj45 port for everything, though I’m not sure that would work with the 360.


Yes, Mutli-Console Cthulhu can do both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2.
Yes, the Multi-Console Cthulhu works with Converter for PS2 to Xbox 360.

Highly recommended Converter is this one.


Yes, can also make work for Xbox 360 with RJ-45 when Dual Mod.
Also using the Imp to switch from PlayStation 3 to Xbox 360.

Imp will control the Data Lines of the USB.


Nice. So a single port solution for all systems.


Wow that thing has a guide button! Thats awesome!! The lack of an extra button to use as guide on my HRAP2 was bugging me for a while. I was seriously considering learning how to drill a 18mm hole in one of my button plugs, and mounting a tiny sanwa button on it in an empty button hole, to act as a guide.

With this i won’t have to do anything. Now i’ll just need a good PS2-to-PS3 converter, and i can just keep my current PS2 HRAP PCB.

Thanks! :smile:


Highly recommend this then.


Awesome, both of those system converters are getting bought soon.

Thanks! I’d rep ya if the system was still in place :sweat::bgrin:


hmmm. I’ve been wondering if its possible to dual mod the paewang pcb with a psx pcb…well if not no matter I recently finished the psx padhack and paewang w/ sanwa.




hmmm…Thats nice to know. Ill try it out one day thanks