Best music while your baked?


Title says it all. What do you guys listen to while baked? I’m curious, and I’m also looking for more good music to listen to for just the occasion so share your tunes! :smiley:

These two would probably be my most listened to.


While I own baked? I don’t understand.



[media=youtube]d34hJwMhVto[/media] if you’re into it.
and lately these guys:


Never been baked, what am I, a potato? Better be careful, the white guys eat those in droves.

This will help ya’ll bass heads though. Slow Drums, lots of Bass.



Anything Nujabes.




I don’t understand your question either. O_o


Baked music:







When I get safe I like this:





You’re all failures, this is what pretty much everyone in my highschool kicked it to.



ib4 lock I guess…


The bass gets me too fuckin juiced when I’m zonin. On that note, also this…


RKA son :clapdos:


Music you like. Boom. Easy.


Pretty much anything in this album would be amazing, I’m sure.




While my baked what?

Illmatic is the answer though, no matter what my baked is doing.


This is what you are looking for OP.





I don’t smoke, but when drunk nothing beats orchestral scores


Dont you fucking know the horrors of fuckin’ smoking man! Smoking anything will kill you and me and everyone around you! OMG burning a fire in your fireplace wont hurt anyone though! And thank god all the cars on the freeway are filtering out all the terrible crap in the air! OMG YOU JUST MAKE ME SO MAD I FORGOT WHY I WAS MAD.

go be a family man

p.s. Any…


I just realized my typo in the title. I feel like a fucking faggot. o_O


Really any 8x slower music