Best MvC2 matches of all time?

Well, I’ve never been hyped about Marvel. That is, until recently with the announcement of MvC2 being on the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Now, I’m not a scrub by any means, I can play Marvel, not well, but I can play it. So, I was wondering if some of you Marvel OGs link me to some hype match videos preferably money matches, just so you know shit is on and dudes are going hard.


duc vs sanford MM
clockwork vs dark prince MM
sanford vs jwong ecc9 iirc
x vs chris schmidt sb3 MM
carlos vs jwong. Carlos was some random mexican PAD player who had the nastiest fucking cable.

then you have the 3 way MM battle between yipes\justin\sanford where justin had 0 wins and iirc, sanford had 6 and needed 1 more win to take the money. Then justin comes back and wins 7 in a row.

sb2 finals between yipes\justin. That was a VERY good set, great high level play.

Will anyone EVER forget smooth viper vs cable guy pt 2 @ evo???

I’m sure there are more

yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Mitsu vs Wong casuals were very good too. One of my fave:


Soo vs. Jwong in the EVO2k3 5v5 tournament: [media=youtube]ydjvb8tjEDQ[/media]
Anytime Dark Prince gets perfect’d.
Jwong’s one pixel of health comeback vs Xecutioner: [media=youtube]IMcv56mrJeg[/media]
Jwong OCVing Yipes with Cyke: [media=youtube]kAdtFRs2yhA[/media]

i love how the “blunder” matches are always the most memorable, like the whiffed ultra, the full parry, and the dark prince perfect

Demon Hyo perfects Dark Prince


Dark Prince shut off the console right before he was going to lose. What a loser.

Mike-Z vs ???

good times. remember the hype for that? whoa

i don’t think there any footage of this but my favorite match was Potter vs. Duc on a Cal Poly tourny imo. Shit was hella intense, Potter take’s it.

ST! Mind games!

evo finals 2k5 was pretty hype. SPIRAL?!

JMar anything. Mr. Impossible was the shit.

Justin Wong is just too good.

I love the crowd reactions just as much as the matches themselves. Hype can get intense. :annoy:

Me vs Alex Garvin
10c Alex Garvin (2W SSCyke,MSP) vs Vegita-X (W MST,MSP) (Final 8 Loser’s bracket)

This is one of the reasons why i’m done with this fuckin game… To much bullshit to take it seriously…

SF4 is that new crack…

Blow his shit up garvin!!

pat, ever had your shit pushed in?

It looked like someone kill your dog @ the end pat, lol!!!

So the guy that gets his ass whooped and then is too much of a pussy to take the loss like a man stands around and acts like a jackass afterwards?


Does Dark Prince still play Marvel after getting owned several times in 2007?