Best MvC3 team and I need advice

First of all I recently tried MvC2 and noticed the tier list is accurate, the best teams have storm, magneto,sentinel or/and Cable(hoping he comes back as a DLC).
In MvC3 what is the new S tier team?

*btw i want to know if i should use tokido’s team(wolvie,sentinel,phoenix) or Wolvie,dante,Magneto/Wesker

Really? Why would you ask if you should use tokidos team? Use whoever you want and who appeals most to you! Dont worry about who is claiming that number tier spot lol who cares in the right hands ANYONE can be an absolute terror! So to answer your question no you should not just pick a team because they are strong on paper… But if I did have to say imo what the best mvc3 team is I would say wolvie,akuma and phoenix.

This is prob going to be locked just so u know.

should you use tokido’s team? sigh, must you be the steriotypical bandwagon player and copy people’s makeups because that’s the flavor of the month? Use what you think is best and are most comfortable with. But TBH alot of people are getting good at killing phoenix now. I actually love facing her. Yeah she will mash u out from time to time but I’m starting to see she’s becoming more and more free as time progresses. Wolvie is the real problem but I’ve recently found the counter to him as well… haggar lariat assist. Do what you want but I’m just tell you, that it looks really foolish to ask here on SRK if you should use someone elses team.

Agreed, I love playing against Phoenix. It’s like she’s the final boss controlled by humans, lol. Totally counterable if you play your cards right.

Now referring to your counter to Wolverine, I don’t think Haggar’s lariat is the best. It gets blown the fuck up by dive kicks. It’s really only good if Wolverine is rushing right in front of you, which they will stop doing pretty quick. Tron’s gustaff fire might actually be better.

I partially agree, though dive kich isn’t a real problem in the neutral game if you know how to block and to not press buttons. Berserker slash is the real threat since it’s not blockable on reaction, and tron looses for free to crossup slash. Haggar beats slash clean.

I hear Justin’s looking for another She-Hulk/Wolverine/Akuma player.

MvC3 is about equally 5 months old from today so you can’t expect to find the best team, especially compared to an 11 year old game with a decade of experience behind it. Can’t say that using a Wolverine/Phoenix team is a bad idea. Actually, just throw in a good assist for him and use another other character you either like or think is good.

Probably will get locked~

you want wolverine/akuma or wolverine/sent – just straight up 50/50s which ways or help getting in + some variable hi/low/left/right mixup respectively. mags/wolv is the obvious choice for akuma or sent assist, you can play them in either order really with akuma/sent 3rd. or you can do wolverine/assist/xfl3 char with wesker or phoenix in the back. dont use that last team you mentioned, esp. with wesker cause then theres basically no assist that helps wolverine. dante jam session only helps the mixup off a char kill/snap (it is REALLY good though, basically true 50/50). even mags beam isnt anywhere as helpful as akuma or sent. if you want the post-snap/kill mixup, you can also think about skrull w/ tenderizer, you can easily 50/50 with his assist + walk under in the same way you can w/ dante jam. skrull is a really gay/retarded xfl3 char so you could follow the same gameplan of wolverine/assist/xfl3 with skrull in the back. hope this helps!

The closest thing to an S tier team ATM is Tokido’s team. It’s proven to be the most consistent in tourneys so far winning 2 straight majors without being put in losers in either major.

The closest thing that happened to the team being put in losers was J.Wong resetting the bracket against him at CEO. At that point he was already in grand finals so there was technically no losers bracket to go to. It’s basically like being awarded an extra chance to win the tournament at that point.

I have a feeling Tokido could be consistent with any set up. It is all about practicing with your team and filling gaps where you need them, whether that is a character swap, or even an assist change.

How about wolvie.dante.akuma?

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