BEST necro



so yeah, i think i have the best necro in california if not the nation…take THAT mutant XP!




best = assrapes everyone, even ricky, just ask him, i beat his ken today at mgl with necro…only to lose to his hugo (wtf)…mutant xp/aznhitler/slimelord/fatbear, i’m calling you guys out, necro free for all


You should feel ashamed. Necro has such a big advantage over Hugo. :lol: Oh and how many times did you beat his Ken? Like once? Psh…


sputid thead :confused:


I’ve beaten good players with crappy characters too. Doesn’t mean I’m the best at anything, just that the stars happened to align correctly that day.

And I have a friend up north who’d probably take issue with your claim.


CPS? Hydro? I’m sure those guys can vouch, my necro is FUCKING crazy.


i beat ricky and justin’s chun li with my necro in casual matches, hey! mayb i’m the necro in NY or the nation. casual matches dun mean anytin, its all about tournaments since ppl tend to play really different in them. so unless u beaten ricky in a tournament, if not then u r probly not the best necro.


um… i definitely have the best necro in the universe


:wgrin: Hey David Help them do the Math:wgrin:


best necro ever is pinoab7…PERIOD!!!


Sugiyama fucks Pino in the ass.


sugiyama or pinoab7 is the best necro


I Thought he said in the Nation So that means U.S.A. Right:looney:


THANK YOU hydro for backing me up, hahahaha next time we play together, necro tag team


this is a suck thead…
if you are the best necro of usa …why you never post in necro forum??


don’t have to, i already KNOW how to STUNT
look at mutant he is like 2nd place runner up best necro in the US and he never posts on SRK period


vids or gtfo




ThyAllMighty IS Mutant XP. I’m just his fanboy. Ask Hydro.


:encore: Ill Take 3rd as long as im on the Podium:clap: