Best NES fighters?

I am going to put an SNES emulator on my psp and am curious which are the best. Obviously Alpha 2, Turbo, Hyper, Samruai Shodown. What else?

alpha 2 sucked for SNES

super sf 2 (had a turbo speed mode)
samurai shodown was aight
gundam wing endless duel
ultimate mk 3
dbz butoden 2 and 3
killer instinct

that’s off teh top of my head
brutal paws of fury was fun for a few minutes

TMNT: Tournament Fighters. prolly the best one, IMO.

Funny how the thread title says “NES” and not SNES…I was about to start talking about Joy Mecha Fight and shit… :lol:

I kind of like World Heroes 2

karate champ:encore:

Agreed. That game is fucking badass haha. I still play it every now and then on my Xbox emu. Even though its not straight up fighting, Saturday Night Slammasters is a pretty decent game for snes if your interested.

SF2 turbo

Fatal Fury Special

Turtles tournament fighters.

Killer Instinct

mortal kombat 2



combos into command throws = 50%+ dmg is too fun

yeah how the hell did I miss that first “S”?

thanks a bunch




Do people even know that Street Fighter 2 was on the NES? I have it on my DC Nestor version. Its very tragic btw!

Seriously there is a NES fighter y’all should check out.

It’s a 8-bit fighter called “Joy Mecha Fight”, never made it out of Japan, and came out very late in the life of the Famicom.

It’s a bit on the cutesy side, but still seems like a solid fighter for 8-bit.

SNES Alpha 2 was the shizzle. There was so much buggy-esque stuff (Rose could juggle with Soul Illusion, and do trip into L1 Soul Throw and have it combo).

the one game with different girls fighting call VG or something like that. kinda a SF rip off but a nice one.

V.G. Fighter is on the bad side of V.G. series. It’s OK for a VG I guess cuz there difinitely have been worse… but if you’re gonna play Variable Geo, go hunt down V.G. Max for PC, or Advanced V.G.2 for psx, those games are much more fluid and balanced than other V.G. series.

I’m a big fan of Gundamwing Endless Duel on SNES(go hit up the zbattle forum some time, there’s like only 10 regulars there). The Yu Yu Hakusho is really interesting spin for single play fighter, but get it just to play it once. I forget which, but one of SNES Ranma 1/2 games was actually supposed to be good.

Can PSP run SNES at full speed?

Last time I emulated SNES on my PSP I got amazing framerates of 5fps and with framskip 10 on around 15-20, pretty pointless to play fighting games like that :smiley:

If by know SNES is so good that fighting games are actually playable I’d immediately install ST :slight_smile:

Ok if your looking for something good and interesting I recommend the following
TMNT Tournament Fighters
Justice League (Plays like TF)
Power Rangers The Fighting Game(…I dunno my friend has unflies with Goldar!)

There were a few versions of SF2 looming around on the NES. Most of them flukes (pirated):

I know you guys are talking about SNES, but Yu Yu Hakusho for GENESIS is a REALLY GOOD GAME.

project justice was shit imo