Best Netcode???


Hi every, I play a lot online and wana now wich fighting game(VR5, DOA4, SSF2 HD, SF4, Blazblue) have the better netcode for the 360, thanks.


Top Tier
BlazBlue, SFHDR

2nd Top

then everything else


I’d put HDR in 2nd top but that’s just me :looney:

Besides that Blazblue is top tier netcode wise :tup:


mvc2 and hdr


If your using high-speed.

SFHD and MvC2

Top Mid-tier:
Street Fighter 4

Low tier:
Everything else.

Honestly, when you inforce input delay as a way to work your net coding, that’s when you notice that it’s just overall bad net coding (looking at you, BlazBlue).


As for 2D games, the best is without question GGPO, then HDR, then Blazblue. I won’t put MvC2 HD’s netcode as being comparable to HDR’s just yet because MvC2 needs a patch first.

As far as 3D games go (or 2.5D games), Virtua Fighter 5: Online for the 360 has excellent netcode. It’s not as good as GGPO or HDR but those games have far less data to deal with. 2D != 3D.

Everything else, SFIV, T5DR, KOFXII, etc. have horrific netcoding.



as of late, I’ve had a chance to play more HDR and mvc2 online. Its my opinion that ggpo STILL has the best netcode for some odd reason. GGPO has very little frame skipping. I get to play the japanese in ST and vampire savior weekly and my connections are 10x better vs them than against NY\cali in mvc2 for the x360. The current capcom netcode is just ass. GGPO is still better than anything else capcom has put out and for BB to get so much respect, capcom is just slacking looking for an easy way to scrape up a dollar.

I haven’t had a chance to test BB yet but I hear very good things about it from a lot of players.


Aside from GGPO.

Im impressed with the netcode in MvC2, considering how fast that game is.


This thread was made just for say “avoid Garou: MOTW XBLA netplay at all cost”.


Everyone seems to say BB’s netcode is great but for me it’s pretty much unplayable, even with people in my city it’s noticeably laggy (as in, I’m dropping V13’s basic D combos, it’s that bad).

SF4 is more or less playable, but for me the best online experience has been Marvel, although since it only shows ping the people I play could be right down the street from me and I would never know. I’ve played with friends in Michigan and that works great, but that’s still not too far.




GGPO is broken tier, no argument.

BlazBlue and HDR are top, with Marvel in the middle. SF4 low, and basically everything else bottom. (Haven’t played VF5)


GGPO on top for me, but thats not available on 360.
As far as consoles are concerned BB and HDR have been my best experiences, SF4 netcode is horrible. (havn’t played anything else, fingers crossed T6 has good netcode!)


You people don’t know how good you have it in SF4.

Kids these days. What ingrates.


wow people think blazblue netcode is in line or even better than HDR? Well tbh it was trash the first few days until they updated it and it was better… but i don’t feel it’s as good as HDR in the least. Also it’s great to hear the MvC2 netcode is good. If backbone has decent net code i’m surprised other games don’t use it.


BlazBlue would be god-tier if not for variable input lag.

Also, KoFXII is bad enough that it’s in a tier of its own.


ya i don’t get it

how could this ever be acceptable

especially after playing HDR or even better ggpo, 2df, etc

like i have really good link timing in hdr BECAUSE the netcode was so good, and can easily bring it to an offline setting without having to adjust anything


marvel is the most flakiest for me… so many drops and whatnot. I don’t know how it can get past bottom tier. shit makes me want to quit, w/ gameplay being interrupted every 4 matches and all


Ok, so I know a lot of people hate on DOA4…but come on. Best online mode for a long time. First game to have quarter matches. Great netcode.


In 3D games, does the quality of animation make a great deal of difference to the netcode? I didn’t think it did but had some huge argument with someone who said that VF5 would have been really difiicult to get online because of the ‘complex animations’. This just seemed like a good thread to ask.

As for OP’s question, I agree with the above posters that VF5 is the best in 3D (and possibly the best I’ve played overall) and SFHD was probably the best overall, although even then there are the rare cases of laggy/jerky matches.