Best new age SNK title?

I have yet to play Tenka, last one I was played was V and I was rather dissapointed. I just started to play XI again for a while I was on NGBC. So it’s a tie between the two.

None of them, SNKP sucks balls to the old school…

NGBC… simply because Motw Terry Bogard AND Haomaru=win

what a compelling argument!

shit like this is already gonna get this thread closed by our friend Saotome.

NGBC,its fun and its soemthing new.

You knew it was only time before I would post…and this is too tough of an argument for me…because I love them all…they are all my children…

And you can’t choose one of your children over the other can you??

Nope…they all get my love and care…

So I vote for all…Because as you see I am a diehard in all of those games plus at least 40 more not even on FGD…

Okay and Cam he aint hating on SNK in general…from what I see Demon Dash is saying he is an old school Snk player…meaning the old school SNK did better than SNKP…

thats just his opinion I see…he aint in here saying “Sprites suck” or “Capcom rulz we are on SRK yayuh I have a 12 foot penis!!”

Just expressing a POV from an old timer which I can appreciate as having been there myself. I just love them all…they are all my children…

Its like the purist debate between which is better? 2k2 or NeoWave??

The old schoolers dont like NeoWave because it changes 2k2 too much…and yes it does…true experts in the school of the game know it has been changed dramatically…more than meets the normal eye…

And that is enough to keep many 2k2 players still playing 2k2…

KOF11…it feels like a new KOF…while neo geo battle colesium is good…it feels like a Snk vs capcom Chaos in a way…still fun but kof11 has some awesome new characters

NGBC is practically a reworked SVC engine…hence making many that don’t know the game well enough pre-emptively calling it ‘SVC2’…

But that does the game a great disservice and prompted many to diss it relatively early.

Mr. Clayton himself said he dissed NGBC early then gave it a try to realize how great it is indeed.

XI is what is drawing the masses or the Capcom people…because it is a new/different KOF that is easier on the eyes and the controls are as loose as a Ho off the street…even moreso than a Capcom game…making it easier for Capcom people to pick up…and why many may not appreciate the arrange mode like us old school players do…

Those of the Fatal Fury era where doing Ragin Storm with old school tightness was just a normal thing…this is a joke for all of us…

I haven’t played SS Tenka yet but I have both NGBC & KOFXI. NGBC is a pretty fun game, it even has characters from non-fighting games (Metal Slug, etc), but for gameplay I’d pick KOFXI over NGBC. KOFXI has a more interesting system, IMO.

KOF:XI by default being its the only new SNKP import I have currently. I haven’t really been disappointed by it either

I stopped playing KOF competitively after 95 (that’s right), as it was Fun-as-HELL! And everyone around the Hopkins area played it. Otherwise, having all the AES games, I like XI the most, everything about the game is improved. :tup:

I have all 3 and KOFXI is the one I cant put down… the one I must play every night before going to sleep.

i voted for all three even though i only played a couple of seconds of each due to me not having a ps2:sweat: am really liking kofxi though:wink:

KOF11…just the way the menu is set up and the presentation is cool…i just hate the intros to KOF games…i mean they are cool but i want longer ones!!

Tenka’s nice, and Hell Gaou is clearly the best final boss of the three games (He emerges from Hell, having just owned Satan, and now he’s coming after you…(gulp)), while NGBC feels like a breath of fresh air, but just doesn’t have that “it” factor that makes you want to keep coming back. Meanwhile, KOFXI has an “original” play style (I’m talking about the extra meters and DCs and original Judgement system) and has Oswald, one of the better characters SNK has created in quite a while. Overall, I’d have to say XI, but it’s really whichever you prefer.

i can’t decide between XI and tenka. i love them both too much :frowning:

My vote goes to tenka.

6 grooves, a huge cast, colorful graphics, outstanding music, and Galford.


I like Tenka’s pace much better than the retardo hyperhop fest of XI, and I suck at NGBC.


I see another Galford fan here, I seriously want Tenka, and soon I’ll be able to import it… I actually want it more than NGBC

Edit: I cant wait to play with Ukyo Tachibana again.

I have SSV:S but i find it ok at best I’m not really blown away like I was playing SS:III and IV