Best non charge punish?

say someone whiffs a shoryu and i have no charge, whats the best non charge punish?

close standing medium kick
crouching light punch
crouching medium kick

But everyone just does c.lp, c.lp, if you block it and have no charge.

If they whiff it entirely you can either just walk forward to them and do c.lp, c.lp, or if they’re further away just sweep and catch them with that. Basicaly you want to knock them down if possible.

throw them…:woot:

It would be nice if Deej had a** decent** normal move combo like Guile or Chun or Rog… errr or Bison, mmm Vega too (I think)…

You should be able to get a charge while doing cl st mk, c lp, c mp to xx into dreadkicks.

Otherwise use st hk, just watch your timing because they can bait you and srk your poke for free.

ill have to work on that link! thanks for the help folks.

Focus lvl 2 if you can get it up, but you will most likely have enough charge in the same time. It’s useful though if you are at the range where your normals wouldn’t combo too well.

I think he’s talking about when Ken or Ryu whiff a light DP, and you need to take a quick step forward to punish them.

You only have a few frames to punish the whiffed light DP before eating a follow-up Fierce/EX DP. It sucks, but sometimes your only option (for max damage) is throw. Besides standing jab, throw is Deejay’s only 3-frame move. Too many times I’ve gone for some fancy link punish, only to just eat another DP. Just stick with the throw. You get 120 damage plus the UTK.

should be able to st mk it then if you’re scared of getting to close

Ken’s jab DP can be retarded. It doesn’t understand recovery and people like to try the same follow up with a fierce dp gimmick. If I’m not sure if I have enough time to throw, I and get the knockdown. If you are able to get close enough to jab, then you will always have enough charge to do combos that are more damaging than a throw… The negative part is… those combos are all 1 frame links. They will mash dat Dp out 9 times out of 10. Cr. jb x 2 , cr.mpx sobait is your best bet unless you have a super.

DeeJay’s standing jab is 3 frames so if you can throw, you can also do jab, cr.jab, xx special is pretty slow. it’s the same speed as and takes longer than jab or throw. if you can you can also do to cr.jab is 3 frames (pretty easy) to is 2 frames (not too hard) to is 1 frame (difficult)

you should have no trouble doing, for 140 damage and a knockdown., does 140 damage without a knockdown but is a 1 frame link.
cl.rh is 130 damage and has virtually no execution requirement.

go play against some O. Ken in ST, you won’t complain about DPs in SSF4 ever again.

my first piece of advice is to hold charge unless you’re specifically doing something that causes you to break it. but if you don’t have charge for some reason, lP->lP->mP->dread kicks does great damage and you’ll have time to charge for it.

if you’re in range for you can do, cr.lp, xx hk sobat for 222 damage and there’s time to charge it. it does require you know both links.

I always go for cr. lp > cr. lp > cr.lp(if close enough for a third) > c. mp > dread kicks. It’s plenty of time to charge.

thanks guys.