Best Non-Meter Dependent Characters?


Mostly looking for good point characters who have the least dependence on meter. The first character I think of is Magneto due to his H reps in the air and corner.

Please list any other characters that are not dependent on meter to do damage, get in, ect…


Wesker, Doom.




Dante, Wolverine, Captain America, Amaterasu


Zero’s pretty much the walking definition of ‘meter positive’.


It’s funny, first think I thought of was what about assists? You don’t have to be dependent on meter, but you could be overly reliant on assists.

Zero is probably the best solo (he doesn’t really need meter or an assist to get in)
Wolverine a close second in my opinion as he’ probably the best rush down character in the game due to his speed and fast normals, but needs an assist after his hard knockdown.
Viper is more assist than meter reliant, she builds about a bar anyway.
Dante, but the slow start-up of his normals leaves something to be desired (he has good mix-ups, but a double-overhead won’t land on high level players too frequently).
Doctor Doom, but he needs an assist more than meter. (S footdive is nothing, from time you can block it crouching)
Trish Forget rushing down, runaway with her…
And, eugh, Wesker

There’s also Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Chun-Li, Iron Fist but are they worth mentioning? I love them, but there flaws reduce their viability.


Strange is way more viable than all those characters you mentioned. Don’t be surprised if you build up to 3 bars in a combo using one assist. Dude is a meter building and damage dealing machine, but yes, he has very glaring flaws that would otherwise make him a ridiculous character.


Zero, Doom, Wesker, Dante, Spencer

Viper is definitely meter dependent if you plan on ever using EX moves lol


Zero. He doesn’t really need meter or assists to wreck your shit.


Haggar as well.


Lot’s of Zero’s which I guess might happen. I just have a hard time holding down the buster while I play. Never could play Juri in SF4 either.

Watching Champ’s Dorm at Big Two last night was amazing. Mag builds up meter and when Dorm comes in he’s got plenty to play with since Mags can handle his own without that much meter usage. Also, TAC’s have become much more frequent in high level play and much of Mags game is in the air anyway.

I wonder if Storm could play the same role. As you guys mentioned, Doom is a good choice as well, and I already use him, but need him as anchor.


Wesker, Zero, Doctor Strange (If you know his loops).