Best of HD Remix XBOX 360

Make a list of the Best players you’ve come across in HD Remix on XBL

We have one for PSN and it’s pretty fun trying to make that list.
This is not a place to brag about yourself,
but to give props to others and maybe a place to find your match and\or step up your game.
I haven’t been on XBL very long so my list is short so feel free to add to it.

Ryu: ??

Ken: ??

Honda: Mad Possum, EA MeGamAN

Blanka: ??

Chun Li: ??

Guile: ??

Gief: ??

Sim: Eggo, SpiritENZ

Fei Long: Jumpsuit

T-Hawk: ??

Dee Jay: ??

Cammy: ??

Boxer: ??

Claw: ??

Sagat: ??

Dictator: ??

Akuma: XBL Brian

Please don’t vote for yourself that just seems pointless

I’m very flattered to have made your list! Thanks!

Here are the best players I’ve played against on XBL.

Ryu: DGV, CaliPower, Damdai, Danimitsu1

Ken: CaliPower, SabrE, CigarBob, WesTcyde

Honda: Mad Possum, TheloTheGreat, Chaghatai, Beef Bowl

Blanka: PAPICHAO, Real Decoy, Atmos8

Chun Li: Beef Bowl, MonGoloRoboKop, Skanking Garbage

Guile: XBL Brian, Fifth n SomeBUD, METABOLIZM, R25mg

Gief: haru tejyo, CigarBob, Kuroppi

Sim: SweetJV, Eggo, John Rambo srk

Fei Long: Jumpsuit, SabrE, TravelinPenguin

T-Hawk: jedi rerun, Danimitsu1

Dee Jay: afro legends, DGV, Le0n0wski, AMH2

Boxer: afro legends, Twisted Ace 99, Danimitsu1

Claw: UncleBuck26

Sagat: EVIL SAGAT, Tyram SRK

Dictator: CaliPower, Zaspacer, Cvital

Akuma: Damdai, XBL Brian

Sweet now that’s a list!!! I’m looking to make mine a bit longer and random ranked is not the place to do it lol