Best of: Street Fighter 2 HD Remix


Just for shits and giggles, who are the best players on PSN Street Fighter 2 HD Remix? Some of the characters I’ve left blank, since I haven’t been playing long enough to know who those might be.

Come on, help me fill them in and provide your own lists – it’s all for fun, so hopefully no one will throw a big hissy fit if they aren’t mentioned. This is your opinion, not fact, so join in.

Honda: ShinBlanka
Blanka: ShinBlanka
Guile: Mooglelot
Balrog: Ald_one
Ken: Blitzfu
Zangief: EtothengSPD
T. Hawk: Shedindin
Fei Long:
Dee Jay:
Cammy: LuigiBo (Never played Syxx, though I hear lots of rumblings)
Bison: GlacialEdge

Best Overall:


ald_one doesn’t have that great of a Boxer. I like mines better.


You’ve played this a bit, curious to see your list.


Vega: Mines obviously. I haven’t really encountered any other real good Claw player that has outperformed mines.

Boxer: That’s a tossup between me and Shoo easily.

Bison: I played one, but I forget his name on the PSN. His SRK name is I$AAC, though.

Ryu: None yet.

Deejay: None so far.

Blanka: ShinBlanka easily.

Cammy: I haven’t played Syxx yet, but I’ve seen his vids and he’s solid with her.

Fei Long: Nobody is good with him right now and that won’t be seen until tourney time.

T Hawk: Probably Nestor(Sage on SRK).

Sagat: None yet.

Sim: Ryu1999 is the only Sim I’ve gone up against, but still no one really that crazy with him.

Ken: Probably Nestor, again.

Guile: ald_one definitely. He’s too patient. He punishes accordingly and will sit forever if he has to.

Chun: Haven’t played any yet. Supposedly NKI is playing this on the PSN, so default goes to him.

Honda: EDIT - I think I’ve seen DagV’s Honda. That’s a good Honda right there.

Akuma: None yet.

Gief: Dan’s Student is pretty good. I haven’t played any other Giefs.

It’s hard to judge online because it’s online and your style is always going to be different online than it is offline. I mean, on GGPO you can play your offline style perfectly on the client because it’s actually good netcode. But yeah, this isn’t exactly a good way to judge players. I judge offline, I guess.


here are the best ive played so far.

Blanka: Shinblanka
Dhalsim: Bokchokyn
Ryu: GodRax
Fei Long: FID_AtTheGates
Sagat: Zoolanderbeast
Vega: Awsome_Mccool

havent really played that many i can say are that good in this game yet, the ones ive mentioned are people i know would make it up the list with their respective charachter.

i would like to see Shinblanka vs Real Decoy tho, ive played mr.realdecoy on ggpo and he seems very strong , also if you count in best blanka player ive faced period i would have to mention sg.10x mr.diaz , but i think he only has sfhd on xbox360.

GodRax: has spains best ryu , best sfhd player in spain and one of the best european ones period. honorable mentions would have to be xstars , dunno where he’s from but he has a somewhat strong ryu.

Bokchokyn: very good dhalsim , havent played anyone better.

AtTheGates: best fei in europe , too bad hes not logged on that much, Blazeu25 should be mentioned for most rapid progress , damn you learn fast.


Thanks for the props, but i’m not the best at anything! I’m pretty good with blanka, but the best player i’ve played on psn in hd remix is jason Wilson “dreamtr”. He pretty much was random selecting against me. I don’t know if he was or not, but it felt like he was.

Dreamtr was the best or tied with someone else at the following characters that i’ve played against:

best honda
best feilong with blaze25, ericwigeric, and shinakuma right behind him imo.
best guile
best chun li and DagV, but I haven’t played against nki on psn yet.
best rog with DS right behind him in skill imo. No knock on you hommie, but Dreamtr is a broken fucking beast.
best sim along with ryu1999 and halfro right behind him.
Best akuma ryu 1999 that i’ve played on psn

I can’t remember how many characters dreamtr raped me with.

DS is the best claw i’ve played against period. No one was close to his skill that i’ve played on psn hd remix imo.

Caliagent is the best geif i’ve played followed close by thegrench and EtothengSPD
. Prolly a 3 way tie. All 3 are great geif players imo.

Syxx has the best cammy i’ve played on hd remix. I have prolly lost 3-4 times at the most against luigiboi when we have played with me using blanka vs his cammy. They are always very close matches and i’m not trying to say I own him or no dumbshit like that because i’m not that type of guy. I’m just saying that I have a good record against luigiboi’s cammy more than syxx cammy. I use blanka against luigiboi’s cammy, but I have to counter character with honda against syxx cammy. I think cammy is a counter to blanka in hd remix. I give the nod to syxx with luigiboi right behind him.

Don’t know about deejay. Everyone seems about the same level.

Best ken is Blitz!!! Always inviting me to rooms when i’m on pshome! :lol:

Best ryu is Earwigeric and serpentwave that i’ve played against.

I$$ac and nipul are the best bison’s i’ve played against on psn. Nipul is on the west coast, so our connection is iffy and it’s hard to connect with him. I tried to answer some of your invites nipul, but it won’t go through. As for I$$ac we have good connections, but he won’t play against me anymore. He’s always playing something else when I get online. :sad:

My best characters are blanka and I have a decent honda/rog. Other than that i’m an average player. I hope to see some of these people at Final Round12. We can never have a true gauge on how good people really are until we get to play offline. I hope to see some of you at FR12. While hd remix isn’t on the tournament list of games being played at FR12 we can get some casuals in before the tournament starts. :wink:


I haven’t gotten to play against DreamTR in HDR yet. I know he raped me at MWC this past June in A2. Chun mirrors ftl.


I actually use Chun Li almost exclusively, so you probably have me confused with another Bison player. I also live in Florida. You live in Atlanta, don’t you? Our connection should be pretty solid.

From the games we’ve played, I’ve won more, especially against your Blanka, but have gotten a few losses when you’ve picked Honda. Real Decoy I’ve heard is a beast with Blanka, and he’s challenged me to play on the 360 HD Remix forums, but I don’t have a 360.

Hardest player I’ve fought was Shedindin, since his Hawk reamed me, but anyone else I’ve played hasn’t come close to dominating me – I’m not bragging or anything, just saying the truth.

Just wanted to know who the big wigs were on PSN.


i like nam aka striderhiryu’s bison

luigibos cammy is always wake-up anything, and the occasional holligan that for whatever reason i can never react to >__>

also raybladex (i think thats the correct name im thinking of) has a really mean rog too


Rayblade = Rog (no offense Half)
NKI = Chun Li
TrueOldSchool = Dee Jay
Greench = Gief

Now I know I am not the best Chun around but damn, no honorable mention?

Blitz who was that crazy Sim we played the other day?


Agreed that DreamTR is great with a lot of characters.

Everyone else, Hm, my friend and I have beaten a few of those players mentioned randomly on scoreboard with my secondary characters. It’s all about the character matchups imo.

I’d like to think I have an aggressive cammy. Maybe not the best, and I’m terrible against honda, and good blankas give me trouble but people lose control when they are getting randomed and pressured by my risk playstyle.


I did think of you as Chun, but we’ve never played. That’s why I left that blank.:rofl:


By far the best Akuma and Balrog player I’ve played against was rgbUNKNOWN… He’s from Japan, so you will get frustrated with lag, but the guy is good, and I don’t say that about many players. I can beat his Balrog with Dee Jay, but his Akuma is almost unfair as he NEVER misses the air fireball combo that will dizzy you no matter which way you block. He speaks enough broken english to message, and he seemed cool when chatting back and forth…


Appreciate it Nipul… one of these days we’ll meet up. Fricking PSN.


I didn’t know ald_one was from here, let alone the best Boxer player.


Syxx’s Cammy looks to be the best among us. I haven’t played him but I’ve seen his match vids and he’s got good versatility. Luigi’s Cammy is over aggressive and it works for him while Syxx’s Cammy’s got a bit of everything. I think Syxx is the best followed by Luigiboi/Azn_Skater and then trailing in behind maybe me though I’ve sort of dropped off the HD Remix scene for a bit. :rofl:

DS has got the best Claw right now.

Boxer: I give the edge to Shoo over DS but the two are equally vicious.

ShinBlanka has got the best Blanka. I haven’t fought any other Blanka’s that have challenged me as much as Shin’s.

The Greench (Dan’s Student): Best Gief at the moment. I swear he can SPD on pure reaction since I’ve been SPD out of Cannon Drills by him. :mad: At the very least he’s better than 90% of the Gief’s on the PSN.


That crazy Dhalsim was Glacialedge. But the best Dhalsim I’ve played ever is my own buddy who I don’t see anymore. Thanks to his abuse, I almost never fear a good Dhalsim.

Yeah, I played that guy too. He’s damn good with just about every character, but if it wasn’t so laggy, I could’ve beat him much more. I think the only other SRK member that was in the same lobby that day with me was faux’s Cammy, and he beat him too.

Thanks for the mentions, Nipul and shinblanka. My Ken is nowhere near as good as he would be if I had a stick.

Here’s my list of best players that I’ve played on PSN:

Ryu: Xstars and CaptainRyu

Ken: rgbUnknown and Dmac

Sagat: True_Old_School and mrsagat

Chun Li: TechnicalMonkey for sure, Nipul and Chunbelievable

Dhalsim: MLSwear and Glacialedge

Zangief: Greench, Haksakoun and sir papacha

Guile: ald_one, mooglelot

Blanka: shinblanka

E Honda: haven’t really played any amazing Hondas

Dictator: Onslaught35, Glacialedge and True_Old_School

Claw: DS and Bustahwulf

Boxer: Halfro and DS

Cammy: Syxx, Luigi and faux

Fei Long: Mismar (I just played him, and that’s the BEST Fei EVER, seriously) blazeu25

Dee Jay: True_Old_School

T Hawk: blazeu25, jaywang

Akuma: haven’t really played any amazing Akumas

BTW, good thread Nipul. Now I want to play DreamTR badly. Is that his PSN ID?


Yes although you’re much more likely to catch him on the 360 as Dream Theater. I mean, everyone plays it on the 360 when given the option (for obvious reasons).


TrueOldSchool = Dee Jay
agreed. TrueOldSchool is really fun to play against in general. Lots of clever ooooooo moments playing against him.

AldOne = Guile

DS = Rog is a total beast and a good Rog gives me the most issues.

ClestialVirus is the most solid Ryu player I’ve played. Only ever seen him as Ryu though. My Sim gets through from time to time not often though. I think he’s from Austrailia if you can stand the lagg.

Bokchoy’s Sim is the only one I’ve seen really kick as and take names. I’m really the only other Sim player I know on PSN.


Best claw I’ve played is probably Ganelon. I think his PSN is Branta.