Best of: Street Fighter IV

Balrog : T3R_Dictator, KomboKaze
C. Viper : Gambit_808
Chun Li
E. Honda
El Fuerte : Lisimo
Fei Long
Ken : SpoonNSXR
M. Bison : T3R_Dictator, Vi3t_drag0n_LPN
Sagat : Vi3t_drag0n_LPN
Vega : AndyChamp

Anyone else care to fill in the spaces?

I really haven’t played most of the posters in this section of the forum (at least for SF4) so I can only say: 1) Dictator goes to OG_SiN and 2) Gen goes to B-IzM.

Edit: Ok I just got through playing a set of games with SiN (hadn’t played him in a while) and I’ll just say he’s a really solid player overall. I’ve played this game for 5 months against good competition at the arcade, and I think I can safely say that he’s got strong fundamentals. Check him out for good games.

Yes this thread is pretty stupid, but deep down ppl are drawn to them. :stuck_out_tongue:

rose luigi.

i see 2 players who shouldn’t be on that list. on that note i bow down to Gilleybaba’s guile.

I’m purely basing it off the people I have played and who they constantly use. Also, I totally copied the concept of the Best of: SSF2HDR thread so feel free to add/make your own list of who you think is the best with which character.

Very early, but so far here’s my list from experience:

Ryu - Blockswordordie
Ken - SpoonNSXR, Mustain21
Sagat - Imajinn, TruAJ, GritsNGravy
Cammy - Faux123
Boxer - GalacticAE
Vega - AndyChamp
Abel - Blazeu25
M.Bison - Blockswordordie
Zangief - Shinblanka, Hardworkgenius
C.Viper - Gambit808, krazykraka
Gouken - rgbUNKNOWN
E.Honda - GritsNGravy
El Fuerte - Hardworkgenius
Rufus - OG_SiN
Guile - Inoxd5
Gen - Bronzefist

Still haven’t played alot of characters though.


I play Gouki now , my boxer washed , but execution w/ him is still good

Ryu - Magman
Chun- Magman
Boxer - T3R_Boxer
Abel -blazeu
sagat- Truaj
Vega - Andy champ
Rufus - Blitzman_G & DoujshinSRK
Gen- Kymah
C.Viper - KilleyKun & DoujshinSRK
Dhalsim- OAG3K
Gouki -KomboKaze ( Only person playing him seriously ) =/
WHERE DA GoukiS AT??!!

lol @ this thread, this should be deleted by the OP…what’s the point? So people can feel themselves better or something?

And to answer your question, Andychamp is not the best claw, Tatsujinken/Branta/umthrfkr in that order.

Kinda too soon for a thread like this, but so far…

Abel- blazeu25
Rose- Luigi-Bo
Dictator- blazeu25
Boxer- blazeu25, T3R_Dictator/Boxer, ShinBlanka (The Holyfield!)
Blanka- ShinBlanka
Chun Li- Klade
Honda- originalyanni
Gen- soon to be me, give me time. :wink:

P.S. Gief wears Nikes, can’t you tell?

Here’s that thread that I keep referring to.

It’s purely based on people we’ve played, Magneto. Yes we can say that a lot of people we HAVEN’T played are clearly the best with said character but what’s the point? Also, it gives people a chance to up their game to make it on other peoples lists.


I recommend playing BRASCO3808 (Sagat, Abel, Ryu)

He’s the only person I’ve played that can consistently combo into an EX Focus cancel and follow it up with an Ultra. I don’t even have a clue how to do that yet, but he makes it look easy. His mains are also probably the best I’ve seen on PSN so far.

u havent played me yet then :P. but yea combos into ultra with certains chars r pretty easy if u practice them

o0o0. im on da list ^.^ you can add me under Abel, cuz deres no other abel player better den me so far

i play akuma/gouki quite seriously:china:


yo LPN u gotta hit me up for some more games, u gotta get me better lol

Abel: Vi3t_drag0n_LPN
Balrog: umthrfkr
E. Honda: MisterEgoTrip
El Fuerte : HeroicTragedy
Gen: B-IzM
Guile: Mooglelot
Ken : Simpliztic, SpoonNSXR
M. Bison : Vi3t_drag0n_LPN
Sagat : Vi3t_drag0n_LPN
Dan: MLSwear

i know this is an early “best of” thread but this can give other ppl names to challenge them to get better. most ppl on srk are the toughest ive faced online lol.

here’s a more recent and much more accurate list imo

abel: Vi3t_drag0n_LPN
Balrog : T3R_Dictator, KomboKaze
C. Viper : Gambit_808
Cammy: natsuki13
Chun Li:
E. Honda: blackdynamite-
El Fuerte :
Fei Long:shottytohotty
Gen- B-izm/Kymah
Gouken: (no body cares)
Ken :
M. Bison : T3R_Dictator, Vi3t_drag0n_LPN
Ryu: efzzang
Sagat : Vi3t_drag0n_LPN
Seth: (no body cares)
Vega : AndyChamp

don’t know if he/she posts here but evilhadou’s ryu is solid

That’s pretty accurate, only Balrog on PSN that I’ve lost to, ever. No joke lol.

haha fa sho dude.

no way is tatsujinken in dere as ‘best’ vega. murdered him several times over:nono: