Best of: Street Fighter IV

magnetomaniac’s ryu is pretty good and so is kymah’s gen.

Whilst some of those you listed are good players in their own right (I’ve played some of them, usually trading wins. Of course lag is sometimes a factor being from the UK), I think it’s a stretch to say that a single person mentioned so far is the best on PSN.

He’s pretty fucking high in the rankings too. Top 50 last time I checked if I remember correctly.

Guess I gotta prove my abel…

Not that I’m a great player or anything but how exactly is this being decided? ^^’ I have played Kombos Akuma/Balrog and can say he’s damn good w/ them but saying your best this or that is kinda whacky XD

To be honest I think if people are calling themselves best this or that they should prove it.
How? I’m not sure if it’s possible but a tourney to decide this would be pretty damn neat.
This would of course involve pure mirror matches between the “best”

idk i think best balrog is ds. ya need to play him.

id is : kaizerown and i’m from Cen-Cal gouken user

I use Gouken and Sak, woot woot.

One more Gouken player. Kara back drop into Ultra FTW

I dunno, online is really hard to gauge a person in this game. I mean, STHD online wasn’t the best at times, but it was more solid online than SF4. Like, Rog is so link heavy that one fuck up pretty much means your game is shut down completely.

It’s a cool nomination, but I do like for offline comp to actually do the talking because that’s where I want to shine best.

These threads are stupid.