Best of the best

This is a thread to discuss who is the best character in various categories, feel free to add your own.

Best overall:
Best team:
Best offensive pressure/rushdown:
Best zoner:
Best grappler:
Best mix uper:
Most well rounded:
Best punisher:
Best defense:

Inb4 fse puts down juri in all caregories…

The thread is not a bad idea, but we already have the balance/character discussion thread here:

Fixed that for you.


Best overall: Juri
Best team: JurixBison
Best offensive pressure/rushdown: Hwo(only because it went unnerfed and gets + on things he shouldn’t), ???
Best zoner: Juri/Alisa
Best grappler: Gief/Marduk
Best mix uper: Hwo (ugh…)
Most well rounded: Juri
Best punisher: ???
Best defense: ???


This is kind of a loaded topic since most of these questions are subjective to the matchup at hand, buuuuuuut…

Best overall: Hwoarang
Best team: Any combination of Hwo, Nina, Kaz, Law, Chun, Jin, Bison, Elena, Rolento, Zangief
Best offensive pressure/rushdown: Hwoarang
Best zoner: Alisa or Jack-X
Best grappler: Zangief
Best mix uper: Hwoarang
Most well rounded: Hwoarang
Best punisher: Nina / Law
Best defense: Law

Best overall: Hwoarang
Best team: Vega/Law
Best offensive pressure/rushdown: Hwoarang/Heihachi
Best zoner: Alisa
Best grappler: Zangief
Best mix uper: Hwoarang
Most well rounded: Jin
Best punisher: Nina
Best defense: Zangief/Law