Best of wanted improvements for SFV to send to Capcom Unity (now on Unity SFV page)


Just tweeted and posted on Capcom Unity

Added a couple other things including reminding them to work to lessen or eliminate unnecessary option selects and keep the game as read based as possible. Option selects are most likely necessary to some degree or hard to completely eliminate, but at least keeping them to a minimum or what is absolutely necessary is good now that you can’t mash and slip out of everything.

Going to start a list of Gameplay and Feature related things that we want that I will formally post on Capcom Unity and specifically address to Capcom for what we are looking for to improve the quality of SF as a whole in SFV. As veteran players we know a lot of the things that we have wanted to make the gameplay more interesting and less derpy for a while. When it comes to features we know the Hollywood fighting games still tend to be lacking and it seems only the poverty games seem to apply these small, but important things that help add to the gameplay and ease of tournament running.

The first list will list the features we are looking for like frame data in the training mode and rollback based code and such. This list will also include some things I know that people really like in smaller fighting games like Skullgirls and KI that there wouldn’t be much bias towards in a SF game. The second list will be the list of things that the majority agreed on things we’d like to see in the gameplay (some that are already implemented).
Should be a good way to get Combofiend and the gang at Capcom to quickly see what we’re looking for. I’ll keep this up for a few days before I make the thread in CapcomUnity incase I see anymore really good ideas.

**Features: **

  • Look into making Training Stage only selectable in training mode. Not good for spectators/stream monsters when they are always hearing the same song and looking at the same, non thematic stage over and over.

  • Make hit boxes and frame data available in training mode and an MKX style listing of frame data in the training options.

  • The ability to record a combo or set up and then restart at any point during the middle of said combo or setup. Like if you want to practice timing the last 3 hits of a juggle combo, you can just restart right before the last 3 hits of the juggle combo instead of having to perform the entire combo again. If you’re trying to practice blocking against a setup you can rewind to right before the setup crosses up or goes high/low.

  • Allow players to choose whether they want to be on player 1 or player 2 side in local vs mode before the character select screen. This would make things a lot easier for tournaments or just casual play so people don’t have to hold home buttons, switch controllers or even switch seats just to be on the right side of the screen.

  • Indie/Classic/ArcSys game style input for button checks. There shouldn’t be any having to move the directional stick during a button check. It should just start you with the LP button and you press which button you want to be LP, then go to MP and down the list where you simply hit each button and then your buttons are setup. Simply press each button in order to map.

  • An actual TUTORIAL mode for the game that teaches people how to play SF. There are still a lot of people who just play games and don’t read forums or watch streams much. Have them at least get a way to get quick entry into the competitiveness of the game by having the computer train them in aspects like anti airing, footsies, hit confirming, blocking, tech throwing, basic bnbs, educating them on how and why “cheap/spammy” tactics are beatable etc.

  • With rollback netcode being utilized, allow us to see the exact ping numbers for our opponents and give us a visual of how many frames of delay we are encountering during the fight like GGXrd. Allowing us to adjust that delay like in 3S OE or GGPO would be nice also.

  • Add in features that help eliminate issues with pausing or wireless controller synch issues during tournaments that are notorious for negatively effecting big matches.

  • Make sure that the PS4 and PC versions of the game run 1 and 1 with each other. Don’t want to see top players opting to playing one or the other version competitively because one has a slightly faster game speed offline than the other. A PS4 and a well run PC should be made to run completely 1 and 1 so both are great for practicing for tournaments.

  • Online Training Mode

  • Tournament Ready Mode that sets all rounds, timer and other things to the default necessary for tournaments. It should first ask for which side of the screen each player wants to be on, ask for button input check then go straight to the select screen. Make sure all colors, outfits and characters are unlocked for this mode. Disable trophies for this mode as well.

  • A news feed similar to KI’s meld where as soon as a player turns on the game, they are greeted with a listing or broadcast of current upcoming tournaments, high level match vids and twitch streams. Considering a lot of people that buy the game won’t be searching the internet about it all of the time, this will be good to catch those people that aren’t always researching about the scene and get them in.

  • Create a player card/stat tracking profile feature for players that can show off things like what tournaments they’ve won, their battle points online and pre set all of their button config and character color/accessory options. Like a more robust version of what’s used in the arcades for SFIV, Tekken or Virtua Fighter. Let this be something that people can use for offline battles and tournaments.

  • Frame skip in training mode and replays so we can freeze and see individual frames of things that are happening.

  • 2/3 or other options for ranked. Possibly when you move up far enough in ranked you can make games 2/3 or higher to promote adapting to people’s play and less getting points just for going wild on the opponent for one match.

  • When people aren’t watching streams, give them options to spectate other people playing ranked or in lobbies right from the game itself. Like allowing up to 20 or more people to purely spectate instead of play. A large set of ways to create, save and distribute replays would be nice as well.

  • All play feature for lobbies. In lobbies let everyone switch between playing other people like at a BYOC or Japanese style LAN cabinet. If everyone is online there isn’t a need to have people in traditional single file line on one lobby/cabinet. Give us options to play or spectate different parts of the lobby at anytime. Sitting in a traditional long 6 to 8 person line is very archaic and gives that feel of everyone crowding around the one machine the day a new fighitng game released.


  • Improve walk speeds a bit, especially for characters that have slower speeds like Bison, Birdie and Nash. Would prefer something closer to old game walk speeds for characters. Especially if throws are as short ranged as they are.

  • Improve the range on throws a bit. They do a lot of damage and stun, but we just don’t see huge importance in them if people can be near each other and whiff throw at the same time. That’s just too short at the moment we feel. Chip damage on normals and higher damage is nice, but that shouldn’t warrant weak range on grabs.

  • Consider making the stage sizes a bit smaller especially if this is game with slower walk speeds and less emphasis on zoning. Keeps focus on the footsies and rush game.

  • Continue to focus on limiting range and combo options off of light attacks and improve medium and heavy normals for footsies and hit confirming.

  • Strengthen V Reversals. Most reports from players say they are currently too slow and not worth burning considering the huge importance of V Triggers.

  • Either increase the time that white chip from normal lingers or make the white chip damage larger. Right now walk speeds seem to be too slow and the white chip recovers too quickly for it to be something that will hugely effect matches.

  • Continue to emphasize making reversals more fair and riskier.

  • Continue to emphasize block stun and allowing a majority of block strings to be true block strings. Only jabs creating true block strings in SFIV really limited the type of pressure you could apply in conjunction with the invincible dashes.

  • Try to create a better medium between fireball and anti fireball options. There seems to be a lot of anti projectile options per character and don’t want another SF game where the projectile zoning characters always have to be walking on eggshells with every projectile they throw. Projectiles should be pertinent and players should have to learn to get around them with spacing and patience rather than just have a ton of tools to bypass them.

  • Lessen emphasis on option selects. Try to minimize the amount of situations where the game can store inputs that allows options selects so the game can be more read based. Now that there are less options to slip out of pressure, these shouldn’t be as necessary.


Addition to the Features list:

  • Since Street Fighter is the flaghip fighting game series and involves two of the biggest FGC tournaments, EVO and Capcom Pro Tour, add something like a News Feed or an Event Calendar with dates and schedules of the events related to both EVO and CPT.
    They could include anything from simple links, to built in brackets, to just the schedules, or, heck, even Twitch streams available right from the game.

Considering this game will be on PS4 AND PC, it takes like a second or two to open the system’s Web Browser, if the developers would prefer to save time and put an announcement in the feed and give a link to the event website, along with the brackets and such, or let people straight up watch the FGC streams from the console, thus utilizing PS4’s Twitch integration. (and Sony could also improve on that like add support for emotes, quality selection, etc)

  • I’d like to see a rematch button for private 1v1 endless lobbies
  • I hope they keep the current replay system the way it is, because it is one of the better features of SFIV


I think this is jumping the gun a bit. Feature requests are perfectly fine but let’s wait until we got our hands on the beta before we collectively ask for gameplay changes.


Yeah, I kinda agree with this. While it is necessary to give that feedback to them, honestly we probably won’t get a good gauge/feel of what to send to them until after [we] get our hands on it in a month for the beta test. THEN we can compile a more informed list to tell them about.


I agree with pretty much all of the things mentioned so far, so I’ll chime in with some ideas.


  • Trial mode combos that first and foremost focus on practical BnBs rather than inefficient/impractical swag combos
  • Add a Tournament Mode


Oh yeah, one of the needed features

  • Ability to restart the match at any given time. Will save a lot of time for tournaments by skipping the whole “wait until KO, character win animation and then look at useless results screen”


Great idea @“DevilJin 01”. And for the naysayers, I believe there are some of us here with enough experience to be able to point out things that may help improve the game when it launches.

-Tap to set button config
-Ping display in online mode.
-Quick rematch in game
-Tournament/exhibition mode that keeps trap of win-loss as well as enforces tournament rules such as “loser picks” etc. Also should have all unlockables unlocked and all trophies disabled.
-Hitbox viewer
-Slow motion option in training mode.

-Keep the damage but increase the scaling on later hits. General rule, especially with the really damaging supers, is that you should go for the supers earlier in the combo and that doing them later nets lesser damage.
-Faster walkspeeds
-Better hitboxes on normals such s Ryu’s which seemed weaker in the E3 build.
-Slight increase in pushback on crouching lights on hit. In practice, only select characters (e.g. Cammy) should be really getting any sort of extended combo (2 or more lights into medium/heavy into special, SFIV style) out of crouching lights.
-Increased throw ranges.
-Buff V-Reversals. Either make them faster, or make them harder to counter.
-Change V-Reversal input from forward+3P/3K to forward+2P/2K. There’s absolutely no point to requiring three buttons to be pressed when there is no conflicting two button combination.

Honestly, I miss when Sven was still Senior VP at Capcom USA since I used to be able to talk to him directly via PMs on Unity.


Despite what I said above cough, I still want them to put in an extensive and thorough training mode that rivals KI’s training mode. I also agree with d3v’s assessment that while damage is “okay” for now, the scaling needs to be tweaked a bit on later hits.


Input command training like in tekken that gives you a visual indicator of when you need to press the button.

Maybe have blocked hits play a special block sound indicating how negative/punishable it is?

Ranked mode:
You should not be able to change the round times and settings, it should be a default 99 seconds and ft2 rounds.
If possible, make ranked matches a ft2 match system.
A proper ranking system similar to Championship Mode or even something like in tekken or starcraft with separate leagues/levels.
A proper Search for similar skill level similar to tekken where you search plus/minus/equal to X amount levels (ties in with a proper ranking system)


Good idea. Will be adding this one. Will help to get people who aren’t near a computer often or generally just play SF casually to see what’s going on in the competitive world and jump in without having to be a forum or twitch warrior first.

Good point, but we are seeing some things already after playing fighting games for so many years that could be adjusted that don’t really require playing the game to know. Basic things that we have been asking for for a while and some things that are just generally obvious like V Reversals being nowhere near as good as the V Triggers that you have to spend your V Gauge to use. Good to get these things out of the way and then add to another list in the future if need be.


I’ll comment on the walkspeed when two more characters get put in seems kinda unfair


And dudes were playing a still unfinished version of the game at E3. I’m not trying to piss on everyone’s parade but it seems premature to ask for changes at this point. Unless you’ve played the E3 version, I personally don’t think you have the insight to suggest gameplay changes. Anything can look underpowered or overpowered or too fast or too slow until you’re actually in the driver seat.

That’s all. The PS4 beta is next month so… Us PC warriors have to wait until October/November for that shit.


@Alexisdabomb It’s noble of you to feel that way. It’s just a list and it’s still on Capcom to use or not use any of the suggestions made as they are ultimately only suggestions. They’re not really going to use our word as bond more than anyone else’s, it’s just there to get exposure. They’re not really demands so they can ignore just as easily as they want to use anything that’s there.

We will obviously have future lists after more things are seen, discovered and played with first hand. Which again, some people on the forum like Gilley have already played the game quite a lot first hand and have suggested some of these things**. Even if not all of us have played it first hand, there are people you have talked to in this same forum who have so we have a solid backing either way.**

In the end there’s no forcing of these gameplay adjustments this early. It’s just there for their reference to use or not use until the future. That’s why the features are listed first as those are things that can be unanimously agreed on and don’t require theory or playtime.



-Improved ukemi system, rather then just quick get up, delays, and techs; how about being able to roll forward, an unsafe back get up that covers more options than the back tech, and no invincibility on any get ups ( :o )

-More movement options, something like d/f,b,b for a small but fast backhop, the inverse for a forward small hop, being able to cancel these movement options into each other ( so you can do d/f,b,b,d/b,f,f for a sort of footsie game ), and the bring the roll back :wink:

-Ability to hit people out of CAs, so basically no invincibility on any CA thus reducing any chance of random CA combacksin CQC .

-Ability to choose V-Trigger/EX stock, how it’d work is by reducing your V-Trigger stock you can increase your EX stock and thus the power of your CA ( not a great idea xD ).

What do you guys think? Specifically about the ukemi and movement additions? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you don’t like playing Street Fighter.


I posted this stuff on Capcom-Unity already, but here’s the short version:

  • Option for rematch in every mode (unless there are players in line to play, like in endless).
  • Option to preselect character (color+costume) and stage for online and the ability to toggle it on and off quickly anywhere in the online interface (similar to how you can display and hide your player card).
  • Remove unnecessary prompts (Unable to join. Search again?).
  • Make the delay between games short. As in loading screens, going through menus, etc. Ask to search again (or, again, rematch).
  • Built-in support for FT2, FT5 FT10 and such. I agree that it’d be nice to have ranked as FT2.
  • Functionality to support tournaments.

I don’t really have any thoughts about gameplay changes. But I agree with pretty much all of the non-gameplay stuff suggested in this thread.

While I’m with you on reducing downtime I think SFV has it down okay right now. The round endings in MKX tournaments are really anticlimactic when they just go into a menu and rematch that way, I don’t think it looks good from a spectator’s point of view. They could make the win pose start faster and the results screen skippable instantly, but that doesn’t save that much time.

If they implemented FT3s for example they could make it so the win animation and score screen only appear when someone actually wins the set. After a set there’s generally some downtime anyway so it’s a good moment to display stuff like that, I think.



well according to combofiend the throw range is EXACTLY the same as sf4 currently is already


Yeah maybe its the slow walk speeds that make things look funny because people are talking about how you can be near someone with Bison and still somehow not grab them at times.