Best Off-brand Dreamcast VGA?


Couldn’t find a like thread via the search, so here it is.

Anyone with experience with off brand Dreamcast VGA cables recommend one or know which one is best? Thanks for any input.

Here is a “list” taken from Amazon:


Do your self a favor and avoid all the Generic Garbage for Dreamcast VGA cables.
There are no good OFF-BRAND VGA cables for the dreamcast.

Too many modern VGA cables cut corners and thus have shoddy quality.
Most VGA cables cheap out and cut corners by reducing the number of ground wires, and tieing all the grounds together.
And they skip out on all the extra cable shielding. The R G B lines all should be coaxial wires with the outer shield being the return voltage, one for each color.

Here is a PIN OUT of the HD 15 VGA plug, note each color has it’s own return.
Ignore the bit about sync on Green as those are only mostly on Sony Brand Devices and displays.

The break out of quality VGA cable wiring, note the 3 coaxial cables.

What you get is a cable that can be heavily influenced by outside interference and completely undermines the whole point of getting a VGA cable/adapter for your

The Retro-Bit VGA adapter isn’t terrible as I have the same adapter.

If you want the best out there, The custom made Hanzo (VGA adapter) and The Toro (VGA and RGB Scart)

With that you still need a actual VGA cable, AVOID those $19 to $35 over-priced, pieces of shit from Staples or Best Buy, get your self a VGA cable from
Approx $5 for a VGA cable with all 15 individually wired pins, RGB lines are coax, and the RGB lines have their own voltage returns/ earth grounds.

If you have to go cheap, look for a (name brand) Dreamcast RGB scart cable, you still might need a RGB scart/ CGA to VGA adapter.


Damn, wow. I never knew these even existed. lol Thanks!


Showed up to recommend Beharbros too, the work by those guys are tops and my instant recommendation anytime someone utters “dreamcast” and “vga” in conversation.


Head over and pick one up immediately. they went on sale today. got my hanzo pre-ordered!

"New Kuro, Hanzo and Toro are now available for pre-ordering. We will start to ship them by the end of June. Thanks for your interest on our products.

Best regards,


I have a Hanzo. It’s the best you can get.


Uhh I have had no issues with the generic VGA boxes available on ebay. Fairly cheap, although I would like to try out Beharbros products some day.


You are probilly lucky, those cheap knock of VGA DC cables from eBay has no shielding and are prone to RF and EM Interference.


I have a Kuro, since I don’t care about scanline emulation for Dreamcast games. It’s a better crafted product than my old VGA box I bought off of Racketboy ~2007 (gold plated connectors, higher quality cable shielding, etc.), but I haven’t been able to compare the two side by side yet so I can’t say if that all necessarily translates to a better picture.

Still, if you aren’t going to be playing many low-res 2D games, the Kuro is about the same price as much shoddier products.


I am lost @_@’ in all the selections/choices available for dreamcast.

I just want something plug n play to a ‘Dell’ monitor 19". I want a one stop shop.



Is your 19 inch Dell monitor takes VGA?

Also what there to be lost about?


Thanks for the respond. I was lost on which VGA box to get, but after watching all the vid; Hanzo would be the best choice for me. I think I missed out on the sale.


I was still able to go to the paypal checkout screen to buy a hanzo. the price is the same now as it was a few weeks back $65. give it a try. I haven’t received any shipping confirmation yet on my pre-order. you may still be in the pre-order window! act fast!
beharbros hanzo


+1 for Beharbros. But if you must buy something from eBay or Amazon, make sure it’s a VGA box which you can use your own cables with, rather than a DC VGA cable.


I have a Madness Gameware VGA box for the Dreamcast which I’m pretty happy with. Irreplaceable to me at least because it’s the only one I know that has a volume knob. My other VGA box doesn’t have a volume knob and the sound is loud and distorted, and the Madness Gameware box helps prevent that.

I hook it up to my DVDO Edge so I could crop out the rather large underscan areas in VGA mode, and as far as scanlines, that’s the last thing in my chain (console > DVDO Edge > HDMI stripper thing > HDfury3 > T-SLG > Monitor) so I can capture footage without scanlines but still play with them.


I have received a shipping confirmation for my pre-ordered Hanzofrom beharbros!

re-organizing all of my man cave’s a/v setup to incorporate this properly. can’t wait!