Best Offensive 2D Fighting game without speed of light? (Gulty Gear, MvsC2)


Topic Tittle.


King of Fighters series




I suppose you mean without an airdash or other means of mobility?

In terms of popularity I guess you’re looking for Super Turbo.

Many people would defend the King of Fighters series, though.


lol @ speed of light


they call em blind mixups for a reason


weed fighter


The answer to the thread is Super Street Fighter Four.



UMK3 Kabal vs Kabal… >=)


2D in general is trash. Your basically asking if we like Rock Music or Gore.


How nice of you to create an SRK account and come all the way here just to tell us this opinion.




I’d say ST if air-dashes are not included.

I nominate this post for “Dumbest Post of the Year” award. :bluu:


I’m more confused by the second part of his post. First sentence is standard trolling, second sentence doesn’t make sense. No one’s asked if anyone likes anything. And wtf is gore, some unneccesary sub-genre to metal or hardcore? And what is it’s relation to the incredibly wide genre of rock music? And how does that relation relate to the subject at hand? It’s all very mysterious.


I suppose you joined the wrong forums : O


LOL Sigworthy.


He said offensive


But I


As soon as I know of a game that has slow rushdown, I’ll be sure to post in this topic. Also, I’ll immediately buy that game, just to see how the fuck you can rush slowly.

I was very offended by Super Street Fighter Four. Most offensive fighting game ever, airdashing or no. If Capcom thought I was stupid, they should’ve sold me something more polite, like a kick in my balls.

At least when Arcana Heart assumed I was a pedophile, it assumed I was an intelligent pedophile with discerning tastes.


It’s a [media=youtube]RqXXMVZxJS4&feature=related"[/media] of Death Metal and Grindcore, duh…everyone knows that.:chainsaw: