Best option for connecting Xbox to a monitor?

I’ve got a modded Xbox that has some CPS1 and 2 emulators on it. I’d like to hook it up to a VGA monitor to get an arcade look to it. What’s my best option to do this? There’s lots of VGA boxes, but I don’t want to convert a component signal to a VGA signal because I think the Xbox is capable of outputting VGA directly if I’m not mistaken. If that’s true then I definitely think that’d be better than converting. If not then just tell me what the best VGA box I should get is (X2vga 2?).

xbox vga -360 -xbox360
into google shopping yielded these results. No idea on the website or how good the product is or if it will work with your hacked xbox, but at $30 might be worth the risk.

I think they make VGA cables for xbox already. No conversion needed.

They make 360 VGA cables. You can get 'em at Best Buy.

Sorry I should’ve been more clear. I need this for my REGULAR Xbox, not 360. Although I think that Monster makes VGA cables for the old Xbox. I didn’t think to type -360 when I was searching for it earlier but now that I know to do that I’m getting some good info from google. Thanks rtdizgn.

Are there any official VGA cables?


Try monoprice.

Damn those Monster ones are actually 360 cables. Same with the ones on monoprice. I’m starting to think there may not be any commercially available original Xbox VGA cables. I see articles on splicing the original Xbox cables with VGA cable, but no official cables that are still available.


True but they are good. I have the MS and the Monster and it is better. Got it super cheap on Amazon marketplace with the digital interconnect as well (seems like you have to buy the Monster one to get digital out which is a con). You may be able to pick up a bargin if you look around.

Is the question about the original XBOX or the 360?

Edit: You answered my question as I was posting., [/thread]

The answers you are receiving are well intentioned but misguided. The original Xbox doesn’t natively output VGA. You need to replace the bios with one that will and purchase/create a special cable to handle it. Those cheap cables will yield poor results.

Edit: Yeah, or you can get one of the component to VGA converters like the one linked above or one from XCM. They’re more costly.

Original Xbox games only output to VGA if that specific game is programmed with that option. I am sure this is the case with your emulators but you may want to double check before you throw down your cash on a cable.