Best option for homeplay?

Besides emulation, what would be the best and most cost effective way of playing ST? At the moment I’m leaning towards the DC version.

What’s your budget? For the cost of a DC, stick, and copy of ST for matchmaking, you might just want to go for a SF2 board in a SuperGun setup.

well the cost of all three of those will be around 150$, whereas a cps2 st board is 100-160$ depending on which version. So basically anything below 200$. Is there anyway I could use a madcatz se or something with a DC? I was probably just going to get an ascii fightpad.

I could go higher if it’s worth the price. How much would a supergun set me back? How much would it cost me to just make my own? Also, could I use a madcatz se with a supergun?

I don’t really know too much about superguns tbh.

Another question, is it possible to mod the agetec arcade sticks with sanwa parts?

Why not emulation?

Cps-2 and supergun or cab. Its worth the extra $ to have the real thing.

Idk, I just heard emulation has it’s delay issues what not.

I know it’s worth the extra money to have the real deal, I just don’t have it though…

I’ve owned the CPSII board for a while, and IMO playing the ROM is too similar to really quibble about. I’m sure someone is going to chime in and talk about the ROM plays slightly faster/slower, or such. To me though there really isn’t much difference… my 2 cents.

(That said, owning the board is really cool. Thinking that it was used in some Japanese arcade… maybe evem been played by some of the greats…)

emulation isn’t that bad although i always thought that my reversal timing might be off 1/60 of a second but there is no way to verify lol

too bad capcom failed to produce a arcade perfect port of ST, but i think the ps2 japanese AE edition is not too bad and it’s still available from playasia for $30.

for me, cost is not the major problem but the hassle of sourcing a ST board, building my own supergun, modding a madcatz stick with neo board to connect to supergun, etc etc

and most importantly the extra space i need to allocate for this setup. it will be better when i have a bigger and permanent place.

ultimately i really want to have a candy cab though. i’ll have it one day :slight_smile:

Can anyone comment on the training mode in the DC port?

There’s a few other things I’m digging in the DC port such as the dip switches and the stage select.

How does HDR classic mode compare?

the hdr classic mode is essentially the DC port except that they use new sprites as background.

The DC st port’s video display ratio is slightly different from the arcade. the characters are taller (or narrower).

The HDR’s new graphics on the other hand, makes the characters look much fatter.

Both are not ideal if you are used to the arcade’s graphics (IMHO HDR’s new graphics are much worse than DC/arcade).

The training mode is all the same (ps2 ae, DC st, HDR). you can set the dummy to auto block / always block and set super to be infinite.

The auto block is the only thing that you can’t simulate with a emulator + cheat

If you already have ps3/xbox360 + stick, HDR is the second cheapest way to go (if we consider emulator + rom free)

i am selling exactly what you need if you decide to go the dreamcast route. a bit out of your budget though.