Best option for video capturing on this setup?

**sorry for the misinformation earlier - i’ve been capturing video for over 10 years and have always referred to it as ‘capping’ force of habit.

**i have a 24" monitor that only has DVI and VGA inputs - this is where i have my xbox360 hooked up via the VGA cord.

what i would like is preferably a way to hook up my 360 to a capturing setup and pass back to the monitor.

i was thinking somewhere along the lines of this: - Hauppauge HD PVR High Definition Personal Video Recorder 1212 USB 2.0 Interface

i wouldn’t mind the component only limit of this setup if there was a practical way of passing the ‘outs’ back to vga so i can continue using my monitor, even if it means a little quality loss on the monitor.

Is it really so hard to type “capturing video”? I had no idea what this thread was about until halfway through the second paragraph.

I thought he ment putting whole plugs.