Best option to hook xbox to monitor?


Hey guys, I just bought a soft modded xbox and I’ve been looking to hook my xBox to a monitor. I see 3 options.

  1. Buy the X2VGA cable. Not made anymoe, but can e found on ebay. Seems to be the best option.

  2. Component to VGA box. Does anyone know what the best one is? I know some suck with lag and ghosting. What are some good component cables for xbox?

  3. VGA cable? Don’t know of any but there must be one that was made.

So what do think my best bet is? Any help is great.


Xbox or Xbox360?


If you can pick up the X2VGA cable at a reasonable price then go for it, otherwise I’d say grab Monoprice’s version of an HD Box Pro or PM me about buying one of my extra ones.
No matter what, you’re going to have a bit of input latency (1-3 frames)





I guess I just search ebay for a few weeks maybe a month for the X2VHA cable. If I cant find one, I;ll get that vga box Frank. Thanks guys.


I would try to get native VGA out. I have one of the component to VGA boxes and it is just off enough that it bothers me. Real VGA requires a modded BIOS and a custom made cable that isn’t readily available. : \


Yea, I heard about the modded BIOS…is that hard to do? I would need to do that with an X2VGA cable too?


Getting native VGA is a straight pain in the ass. I saw one attempted before and the guy just butchered it. It would be a lot cheaper and easier to get x2vga or a vga box.


Any idea where I can get/find the X2VGA? Isn’t the X2VGA a VGA cable for xbox?

I’m still looking. I literally just looked on ebay 2 minutes ago, and got the email update of your post.


Looks like there’s one on eBay right now. Not sure if posting an eBay link is against the rules or not, so I’ll just say search for this and it should come up:

Neoya x2vga2 Component to VGA / RGB converter transcoder - excellent condition


Thanks. Whos the seller?


Does the monitor have HDMI?


yes. It has HDMI, DVI, VGA. (Acer H243H )