Best or ideal size for case for 2 players?

I been working… no, wait, better to say planning a case for 2 players, but I have a question:

What is the best or ideal size for a case for 2 players?

I’m talking about length… I think 40" is more than enough space for 2 players, since I’m planing to use 8-buttons layouts, but what size do you guys suggest to be the best or most comfortable?

Any help would be very appreciated!

Depends on how fat people are. I have a 30 inch one that seems to be fine for 2 husky (ex. Marn) people

40 inches should be fine. Anything smaller than 30, well there will be some “man touching” involved and should only be brought out when one or both players are girls.

Thanks to both of you guys!

Now I can continue with the rest of the plan, and since my friends are no too chuncky I think we’ll be alright with 40"… even with 36".

My brother and I are the tallest of the group (6’ 2" and 6’ 4") and we agreed that there’s no big deal about some shoulder to shoulder touching… nothing else.

Sadly, there are no single girls in the group…

I would recommend 40", I have two Mortal Kombat PDP TE joysticks, I have them beside each other, each box is 20" in length approximately. There is a lot of space for “normal sized” guys therefore 40" will be enough for bigger guys.

Mine is about 28", and there is the occassional man contact. Go bigger.