Best pad to hack for my situation

I have no problems with padhacking. I have turned those cheap, small arcade cabinets in a box that Target used to sell into Genesis 6 button street fighter machines. My question is in regards to what pad I should use for my next project.

I play SF4 and HDR on my PS3, MVC2 and CvS2 on an Xbox in the break room at work, and occasionally the anniversary collection for the PS2.

I wanted to build a stick I could use for all of these systems. I noticed many adapters on ebay for PS2 to Xbox and PS2 to PS3. Does anyone have experience with these adapters, and do they work good?

I figured using the PS2 controller would make things more universal, but also understand that the PS3 needs the PS button on it as well. I figured I could just get to the XMB with my other controller.

There are a handful of PS2 to PS3 adapters that are very good for converting without any lag, there are also a handful of converters from PS2 to the original Xbox, and I believe that for play on a 360 you would need an XFPS. So if you wire the stick for PS2 and invest in the better converters found in the converter/adapter thread, then you will be fine. Another thing to look into would be Toodles’ Universal PCB, that will allow you to play almost every system for the cost of the chip and a controller.

Do you play the anniversary collection on your ps3, or is it something you dig the ps2 out for? For sheer ease of use, I’d do a dual-pcb setup, with a common ground xbox pcb as well as a cthulhu. You won’t have to worry about if you have a decent converter, and the cthulhu board supports the PS Home button.

If you do have to dig out the ps2 for Anniversary Collection, you can go with a ps2 controller, but you’ll need to do your research as to what adapters play nice with which controllers, as there are some issues. I’ve not used any recent adapters, because of horrible experiences in the past, but I’m told there are some very nice ones now.