Best peer 2 peer program


What is the best peer 2 peer program for street fighter 4 if you want to bypass the microsoft network? I am looking for a popular one with a chat room with players online 24/7 similar to GGPO. Any suggestions?


there isnt one. That I know of atleast.

there is the “sf4online” thing, which is just based on ip hosting, but thats about it.

in b4 buy the game


buy the game

Also, there are no such thing as far as I know, especially not one that fits all your demands lol. There is no LAN option for hamachi or similar.


what “sf4online thing”? give more details…
is it a hack or something? maybe Ponder can add GGPO netcode inside it


The game is what, $40 ?






That SF4Online thing is illegal, it violates LIVE’s terms of use.