Best place to buy .110" quick disconnects?

Are there any brick & mortar electronic stores that carry these? Or does everyone buy online? I don’t think .110" is a standard size in the US… b/c I can’t find them anywhere.


online dood

I got mine on eBay from some Marine Electronics guy.

i got mine on ebay too

I think has them in 100 packs.

Digikey part No. A27745CT-ND $6.84 for a pack of 100, uninsulated, for 22-24 AWG wire. Insulated ones get spendy quick

I’m late to this thread, but I’ll echo what everyone else is saying. I’m pretty sure that Ponyboy sells them, too.

I have a couple of bags left I can sell, each with 100 qd’s. I think they were $4.50 each…?

thanks guys. i went ahead and got some from lizzardlick. i was able to have them add the QD’s to and existing order.

but thanks for all the advice (and offers). i may take you up on those later. cheers.