Best Place To Buy The HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick 3

Ok I feel like I’m being ripped off here big time. I really want this arcade stick so I thought I would head over to play asia to buy it. All went well I thought 45 pounds is not a lot for a good stick like the HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick 3 then as I got to check out it came to over 100 pounds I was like wtf has happened here. Well it turns out the shipping costs more than the item…I was well pissed at this. I was wondering if theres a much cheaper place to get the stick from because I willing to pay up to 55-60 pounds for the product max. I need this to get 3s on pc working good.

Anyone tried ?

They have the item and I don’t know what the shipping will be for this kinda item

Whats shipping to the UK gonna cost me? Thanks!

the HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick 3

That’s very nicest joystick is real arcade. it’s very expensive!
I have Tekken 4 Limted Hori Joystick.

I made to build my custom dual joystick. my joystick is pretty for can playing PSone and PS2. maybe…PS3!

You’re in the UK, right? Bear in mind that you’re also likely to get hit with a handling/customs charge in the region of 25 when you buy something the size/weight of the HRAP, that’s on top of the 45 for the HRAP and the 40 (or whatever it may be) for the postage. Yeah, getting things imported over here can pain.

Oh lord I never thought about customs charge :sad: This is turning in to a something very expensive. I need to find a place that can somehow charge me less for shipping or better yet a shop in the uk :sad:

i could’ve sworn i saw a website based in the UK that sells sticks. i’m going to go look for it.

[edit] never mind. they don’t sell HRAP3s.

Thanks for looking

Anyone else found a good site?

I’ve been looking for one too, since moving here to the UK. I brought my HRAP2 with me, knowing that they were going to be really expensive here, but I’m looking for HRAP3 as well.

You could try, which gives you the option to lower the declared value of the goods on the parcel, so you pay less VAT/duty - BUT at your own risk.

The conclusion I’ve come to, is you’re gonna have to suck it up and order from overseas and pay the import duty/VAT, because I’ve done weeks of searching and haven’t been able to find anything.

I will sell HRAP3`s and HRAP 3 SA (once it comes out) once my damn shop is up (waiting for an email from these guys!!!). Same or cheaper than play-asia and we fix the value also ^_^.

how much for shipping to the UK? I’m assuming that you ship from Sweden. Are you, which also charges an 800 yen handling fee?

My understanding is that there is no customs duty/VAT if the product is shipped/sold within the EU. Can anyone confirm?

Do you also sell the Virtua Stick High Grade?

There are no custom charges if you buy within the EU , but I think you have to pay VAT regarless. They are required to charge VAT to any EU customers by law , at least that’s what gremlinsolutions(UK) told me . Thouh I guess most stores already have their country’s taxes added to their prices.

btw , akhihabarashop ships from japan anyway ^_~

Dam it looks like I’m never going to find one thats cheaper to ship.

We ship directly from Japan. We buy directly from Hori.
And yes, 800yen in handlingfee is standard.
We could ship it by boat, but it may take some time…

How much will the HRAP3 cost the same as play aisa? Also how much will postage be to the UK? Also how long will it take to come and how long will it take for you to get in stock? Thanks!!

Anyone know how much renchi cost to ship? They don’t say on the site for such an item.