Best place to get Lexan?

I bought a large sheet of Lexan at my local Lowe’s for $30-something once, but that’s expensive! They sell a smaller sheet but it’s 8 x 10 I think. I need like 9 inches by 14 inches or so, whatever fits a Tekken 5 stick. Any suggestions for retailers?

We have a place around here called taps plastics. They’ll cut the polycarbonate (lexan equivilant) to size. 9" x 14" will be around 10 bucks.

You might try a local homtetown operated hardware store. We have one here called Floyds. The keep the left over scraps and sell them from .25c to 2.00$ wich is not a bad price and the sizes are more than what I need. I usually use 10"x15" pieces and I have plenty left over for another stic.

I found a piece that was roughly that size at my local Home Depot for under $10 (which they didn’t have at the local Lowes). Although I can’t vouch for it’s quality, as I’ve yet to work with it.