Best place to order the Hori Arcade stick pro?


What Online store do you think has it for the cheapest including shipping?


Oh and do you think I can find one of these in chinatown to avoid shipping? Im going a about a week.


VGO has it for the least amount of money. They’re the only official US Hori distributor so it’s unlikely you’ll find them cheaper elsewhere, as others have to buy the sticks at retail cost in Japan and import.





They only have the HORI Real Arcade Pro 2 Arcade Stick, I like the way the regular 1st one looks better… : (


they’ll have the HRAP1 back in stock soon :). I like the HRAP2 better however, it gives you the real feel of a japanese arcade cabinet


wait the version 2 is better?


it’s the same joystick and buttons but the layout and casing are different.


Can this be modified to play on the ps2 or maybe a converter can do it?


Is this one as good or close to the HRAP?

Oh and if I get a HRAP can I somehow put nice artwork on it like the custom ones I see around the forum?


The Hotrod is made out of Happ parts, which are quality but have an American feel. The HRAP has a Japanese style (quiter, less travel on buttons & stick). The Hotrod can’t be used on the PS2 simply through the use of an adapter, though I’m sure you could gut a psx pad and do some soldering to get it to work (since it uses happ parts).


Ok last time I played an arcade game I used the sticks that look like the HRAP, I put my 2 fingers underneath the ball, how do I use the Hotrod stick?

Its more appealing because it has two arcade sticks for the same price as the HRAP.

And if not is this one good compared to a HRAP Its the Hori Soul Calibur 2 Stick.


the soul calibur 2 stick is not part of the HRAP lineage (though the sc3 stick is). i’m guessing it’s not garbage, but if my hori ps fighting stick is any indication, along with other forum posts, hori parts are not as good as sanwa/seimitsu.


I’m selling a T5 stick that has been modified quite a bit. It has all Sanwa parts. The HRAPs only have the Sanwa joystick while I also put in Sanwa buttons in my mod. As for artwork, I put a layer of plexi overtop of the case so that you can put artwork underneath it. Right now I have no current artwork on it. Here’s my selling thread. $100+shipping.

There is also a modded HRAP2 for sale in the Trading forums. You can check that out as well.



So the HRAP’s are not good because it uses only a sanwa joystck and not buttons?


I don’t know if you can say “not good” because some people think the stock buttons are fine. They are definitely not of the same quality as Seimitsu or Sanwa. Here’s the HRAP FAQ thread which tells you what each HRAP comes with.

The Special Addition and Special Edition come with real arcade buttons as well as joystick. The others have stock buttons. The FAQ also gives links for how to mod some of them as well as where to buy them.



Whats the difference bettween HRAP buttons and Seimitsu or Sanwa?

Better Reaction time or something?


Sanwa buttons are more sensitive than Seimitsu… But Seimitsu buttons come in more colors or something like that :rofl:

But seriously the only difference is the sensitivity so most people favor Sanwa. Just do a search and you’ll see what the opinions/ facts are…


The HRAP buttons are less sensitive then the Seimitsu and Sanwa?

Like how much though?