Best place to post this? WWE SVR 2011 Street Fighter CAWs


Since the last installment in the WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW series came out in October, I’ve been creating Street Fighter characters. I’ve put in a lot of time doing them and would like some feedback. I might even put them up for download so that everyone can use them in SVR11 if there’s enough feedback. These are fully playable characters complete with 4 attires, movesets, & entrances. Where would be the best place to post it? I have about 400 pictures worth (I wouldn’t post all of them, obviously - but I would link to the album with all the pictures.)

I’ve created about 20 SF characters (w/ 4 attires each) so far + 2 Darkstalkers females and here’s a little taste of them:

Youtube Links:


I may or may not also create the following in the future: Abel, El Fuerte, Adon, Guy, Hakan, Alex, Hugo, Yun, Yang, Urien, Sakura, Ibuki, Chun-Li, Cammy, Rose, Viper, Makoto, Poison.

Note: Below are the pictures I posted before I added the youtube links.

(Note: Image codes aren’t working… not sure if only premium members can use them or what…?)

For all the pictures (4 Attires/About 20-25 pics per character), go here:(on the bottom/right hand side -> sub-albums -> select a character there.)



Fei Long:


SVR11 also has a “Story Designer” mode where you can pretty much make your own story. I was thinking about doing a few “Arcade Mode”-style stories.

I wanted to make a thread for all of them and I was thinking about in addition also posting each character into his SSF4 Character Discussion thread.


Those are pretty good actually…



Here’s a link to the full album: Street Fighter CAWs pictures by jim784m - Photobucket

You will find the characters in the sub-album on your right hand side (you might have to scroll down a little.)

There are some that were just too hard to get “right” but it was out of my hands. (Like Blanka, Dee Jay & Vega)


Wrestling games always have the best character creation engines.


TY! You can create 500 characters in that game (Fire Pro Wrestling Returns)

Simple looking but it’s actually extremely customizable… outside of appearances.


I don’t know how you did all of this, but I’m going to say one thing: These are absolutely phenomenal.

Seriously, I’m going to request that Keits features this work on the front page of SRK, because this looks like it took a lot of time and effort, and the details are absolutely amazing. I’m very impressed.

Nominated for an article.


Nice work man, they are awesome!!
That game seems to have a really good character creator! Has anyone tried this on like oblivion or something aswell??
Blanka would even be possible maybe, as you have an Orc(green) race that you can choose. Just a thought.

Cool though man


They really look rather good!

It cannot be easy to get these right (some characters must be really hard to do I mean)… I should play around with CAWs more.


Those look awesome… I dont know how long it took you to do that but good job man…

That Vega looks tight…


Your Dudley looks better than Capcom’s official SSF4 model :rofl:




Thanks again, everyone! I would say on average to completely make one CAW (Create-A-Wrestler) with 4 attires, a moveset, & an entrance probably takes about 6-9 hours depending on how hard the alternate attires are to make. Color swaps are obviously much easier.

I have since uploaded them to youtube… so I might just add a link to those vids if it makes it easier. I will also edit some other info into the first post.


Sick stuff man. Good work


Idk if anyone else but me has, but if you guys can, take the time to send Keits or “Submit a Tip” button to SRK about featuring this on the front page. This is outstanding work, and it by far beats 95% of the bullshit content that is posted on the front page, hands down.

This is amazing every time I look at it.


Wow, that is awesome stuff man!

Can you play as these characters online?


As of now, only I can. But I’m thinking of putting them up for download so that anybody can you use them (online & offline.) I just wanted to put them up on youtube first.


Can you make Poison?


I have Poison on my list of ones I want to make, but just might not be able to. The SVR games aren’t very kind for creating females (not that Poison applies… or does (s)he? lol) — especially face morphing.

At the very least, I’ll probably attempt Poison sometime down the line.


Dudley looks tiiiiiiiiight