Best place to put Neutrik RJ-45 in MadCatz TE?


I’m about to start modding my PS3 Mad Catz Tournament Edition stick with a Cthulhu, Xbox Fight Pad and Neutrik RJ-45 port. I had always assumed it would be best to put the Neutrik in the cable box. Now that I have the stick entirely dissembled, I’m not sure where the best place to drill the hole. There seem to be a lot of things that would be in the way of the back side of the port.

I’ve found some guides, but most of them either don’t have a Neutrik or transplanted the stick into a different case.

Any help or pictures would be greatly appreciated.


The best place for the RJ-45 port is in the Select button hole. If you have a 24mm or 15/16 hole saw bit, you can move the select button over to the far edge.


Thanks a lot. I was skeptical over whether or not I should do it that way because I was worried about finding the right size drill bit. But, then again, that’s unavoidable.


I’m going to try and put it inside the cable compartment


you can always just skipped out on the select button
or wire select to the turbo button


I have a playstation stick and I’m taking the Madcatz PCB out. I can live without turbo and a dedicated home button.


Have you actually sized up the neutrik and the cable compartment? It won’t make a great fit, and there’s really nowhere for the back end of the neutrik to go in the case. It’ll get in the way of the bottom of the stick or some plastic bits on the inside. It would be much easier (and cool looking, in my opinion) to put it in the select hole. It fits perfectly.


Most practical is out in the back. But if you are a Godlike modder, you put it inside the cable compartment.


Yet to put it in the cable compartment myself, but from what I’ve seen the platic in the way comes from the posts that hold the USB cord in place, which you won’t really need once you have a RJ45 jack.

I’m planning on having both a Neutrik and a DB25 jack in my cord compartment, gonna be interesting.


Challenge accepted


I personally put it at this location on a TE Rnd2:

However, you won’t be able to fit a Neutrik RJ-45 due to the complexity of the interior half of the connector. A Switchcraft RJ-45 is perfect, though.


The other, secret cheat is not to use a Neutrik, but one of them unmounted connectors that you just crimp to the end of the cable. This way, the connector works like the quick disconnect thing on wired 360 controllers.



James nobody ever doubted that your modding skills were godlike


If you have the correct drill bit and a Dremel, installing a Neutrik inside the cable compartment is not very difficult. I did it myself for my MadCatz Soul Calibur 5 stick.


Put a Neutrik RJ45 in one of my stick’s cord compartments earlier today, it was my first time with a Neutrik. Do a better job dry-fitting/measuring out than I did, I ended up with mine a bit crooked. I thought mine was perhaps too low, since I had to remove some material underneath the Neutrik inside, but looking carefully at jdm’s photos, I don’t think you can avoid having the inside of the Neutrik pressing up against the plastic inside the TE, you’ll have to do some cutting in that area.

I put mine roughly centered where the original cord exit was, so that my RJ45 cords wouldn’t bend to the side on their way out; this meant I had to dremel away the USB cord posts behind it. Also, it probably would have been easier to just cut out the area it was touching inside, but I used a Dremel to route out some plastic until the PCB and such weren’t pressing very hard into the inner plastic.

I could only find a 15/16" bit as a boring bit, not really the right tool for the job, and it worked well until it sort of caught the original cord exit hole, and half of the hole broke away, perfectly circular along its cut edge. The other half had a big circular score in it so I used a few small drilled holes along its perimeter + twisting with pliers + filing to finish it. Getting a proper hole saw would work fine, I’m sure, or positioning the Neutrik in a place where the original hole won’t matter. But, I gotta be me, I knew the risks with the hole in the way.

Making a new hole in the back looks like a very simple way to go.