Best Player Character


who does everyone think the best player characters are?

Ryu- Daigo
E. Honda-
Ibuki- Sako
Seth- Poongko
Akuma- Infiltration
Gen- Xian
Dan- Ixion
Sakura- Human Bomb
Chun Li-
Dhalsim- FChamp
C. Viper- Wolfkrone
Bison- Happy Medicine
Sagat- RF
Cammy- K-Brad
Dee Jay-
Cody- Momochi
E. Ryu-
Guile- Dieminion
Blanka- Riceata
Zangief- Snake Eyez
Rufus- Ricky Ortiz
El Fuerte- IPERU
Balrog- PR Balrog
Fei Long- Fuudo
T. Hawk-
Adon- Gamerbee
Rose- Luffy


too many americans in this list … thats just rediculous … americans have only the best rufus,viper and barlog (not sure about guile and honda) ,almost everything else is japan baby

Vega - araidon
Hakan -Ebi(the guy who won with hakan a tournament lately in japan)
Guy - Kiriyu (might be wrong)
Sagat - Bonchan 100% its deffinetly not RF thats rediculous
Chun LI -Y24
Akuma-Tokido (he is a better character specialist than infiltration …infiltration is just a better player than him )
Gouken - ProudStrawbery (probably)
Cammy - banbaban/Xiao Hai/Alioune Sensei … just pick one (K-Brad seriously? you kidding?)
Guile - I am not really sure he’s the best guile but at the moment i cant come with anything else
Blanka - Mizoteru , riceta is not bad but not at mizoterus lvl
Bison - Dogura (Happy Medicine hes maybe the best in US but dogura is the strongest world bison)
Yun -Kazoonoko (Daigo is a beast too with him but he droped him)
Ken - Michael Tan / LeviStraus
T-Hawk - Toro (or something like that)
Dalshim- YHC-mochi ( Fchamp??? yeah right! )

thats it for now


Best Cammy = K-Brad? Sagat RF? Akuma Tokido?! :eek:


Ken = Micheal Tan
Sagat = Bonchan
Gouken = Infiltration
Guile = Dieminion
Guy = OTinhoso
Honda = Mike Ross
Cody = Momochi



oh, thanks!


k-brad best Cammy? lulz


theres no way in hell kbrad is the best cammy. not even close. Sako >>>>>>> other JP Cammys >> “unknown” american Cammys >> Kbrad >>> everyone else


Vega: Makoto
Gouken: Bullcat / Veloc1raptor
Sagat: probably Bonchan or Mago
Guy: Kiryu
Ryu: Daigo
Ken: drs Chris, Michael tan
Honda: mike Ross, akimo
Ibuki: sako
Makoto: Haitini, vryu
Dudley: no idea
Seth: poongko
Akuma: tokido
Gen: xian
Dan: ixion
Sakura: humanbomb, uryo
Oni: no idea
Yun: kazunoko
Juri: no idea
Chun: y24, broly
Dhalsim: mochi
Abel: nekojita
Viper: latif
Bison: shungoku neurosis, dogura
Deejay: no idea
Cody: momochi
Hakan: no idea. Wildcat?
Yang: nemo
Evil ryu: no idea
Guile: dieminion
Blanka: misoteru, t srai
Zangief: snake yes, vangief
Rufus: Ricky Ortiz, Justin
Fuerte: iperu
Balrog: pr rog
T hawk: idk, native ?
Fei long: mago, fuudo
Rose: luffy
Adon: gamerbee


Ryu- Daigo
Ken- Michael Tam
E. Honda- Akimo
Ibuki- Sako
Makoto- Haitani or maybe Shiro
Dudley- No clue
Seth- Poongko
Gouken- Infiltration, ProudStrawberry, Bullcat
Akuma- Infiltration
Gen- Xian, Amiyu
Dan- Ixion,
Sakura- Human Bomb
Oni- No clue
Yun- Kazunoko
Juri- No clue
Chun Li- No clue
Dhalsim- FChamp
Abel- Nekojita
C. Viper- Wolfkrone, Latif
Bison- Shungoku Neurosis
Sagat- Bonchan, RF
Cammy- ACQUA, Banbanban, Xiao Hai Aliuone
Dee Jay- No Clue
Cody- Momochi
Guy- No Clue
Hakan- Maybe Infiltration?
Yang- Nemo
E. Ryu- Mr. Naps, Sako?
Guile- Dieminion
Blanka- No Clue
Zangief- Itabashi
Rufus- Justin Wong
El Fuerte- No Clue
Vega- No Clue
Balrog- PR Balrog
Fei Long- Fuudo, Mago
T. Hawk- No Clue
Adon- Gamerbee
Rose- No Clue


Infiltration’s Gouken is much better than ProudStrawberry’s or Bullcat’s imo.
I suggest Vers’ Gouken even over them.


Does noone list Y° for Cammy because we rarely see him or because you don’t deem him that good? What I saw of him was extremely impressive.


there is almost imposible to choose one guy as the best cammy … there are so many godlike cammys out there
i listed only the ones that had constant good tournament showings


Best Guile is ACE E I RI N! Nah just kidding it’s obviously Dieminion, but I really would like to see how ACE would do in a tournament; I regard him as practically unbeatable online.


Keshikaran / Rosetukaidesu / Filipinoman / Sakonoko / Saqs
to an extent — Uryo


Sako is literally the only cammy that can be considered the best. No one is even close, not even alioune.


ITT: most popular player character

anyways, best dudley player is kuroken.


Xiaohai got 4th place at Evo with Cammy. That makes him a pretty damn good Cammy.


Here’s my view on who’s best or close to.
Ryu- Daigo
Ken- Michael Tan
E. Honda- Akimo, Owa ri re, Mike Ross, Hoodaman
Ibuki- Sako
Makoto- Haitani
Dudley- Kuroken
Seth- Poongko; Dashio
Gouken- Infiltration, Ver, ProudStrawberry and Bullcat.
Akuma- Infiltration
Gen- Xian, Amiyu
Dan- Ixion,
Sakura- Uryo, Juso.
Oni- Shinbojan, Wao, Chris Hu
Yun- Kazunoko
Juri- Lutuna, Weirdoneo
Chun Li- Vivitan
Dhalsim- YHCMochi
Abel- Nekojita, Pikagoma
C. Viper- Wolfkrone, Latif.
Bison- Shungoku Neurosis, Dogura.
Sagat- Bonchan
Cammy- Xiaohai, my friend Bunsomite :stuck_out_tongue:
Dee Jay- Akimo had a sick DJ, kurokiba, freejay, blaqskillz?
Cody- Myself…jk, Momochi, Shitamashi Prince.
Guy- Kiryu, Otinhoso, Lumina1re had a very strong showing this past weekend at SCR against Infiltration.
Hakan- EBI, Infiltration.
Yang- Kyoku (Best of Birds)
E. Ryu- As far as I know, Sako.
Guile- Dieminion
Blanka- Mizoteru, T Srai
Zangief- Snake Eyez
Rufus- Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, Inco.
El Fuerte- iPeru
Vega- Chris King
Balrog- PR Balrog, Keno
Fei Long- Mago, Fuudo
T. Hawk- KojiKOG
Adon- Gamerbee
Rose- Filipino Man, Keshikaran, Tiaflatte, Sako.


Ryu- Daigo(JP)
Ken- Michael-tan(JP) or DragonBoy(JP)
E. Honda- haven’t seen any recent hondas but Akimo(JP) was the best
Ibuki- Sako(JP)
Makoto- Haitani(JP)
Dudley- Kuroken(JP)
Seth- Poongko(KOR)
Gouken- Infiltration(KOR)?
Akuma- Infiltration(KOR) maybe, but he lacks Tokido’s vortex
Gen- Xian(SG) or Amiyu(JP)
Dan- ???
Sakura- URyo(JP) (lol @ thinking HumanBomb)
Oni- wao(JP)
Yun- Kazunoko(JP)
Juri- can’t recall the names, Yossan(JP) is pretty good
Chun Li- Vivi(JP), Y24(JP)
Dhalsim- YHC Mochi(JP)
Abel- Nekojita(JP) or Ojisan Boy(JP)
C. Viper- URyo(JP), even though he doesn’t really play her anymore
Bison- Dogura(JP)
Sagat- Bonchan(JP)
Cammy- Sako(JP) followed by Banbaban(JP), lol @ picking KBrad
Dee Jay-
Cody- Momochi(JP)
Hakan- Ebi(JP)
Yang- Ojisan Boy(JP)
E. Ryu- Naruo(JP), Sako(JP)
Guile- Dieminion only because I haven’t seen any recent Guiles…there were better Guiles in Japan before
Blanka- Mizoteru(JP) or Taku(JP)
Zangief- ???
Rufus- MDR(JP)
El Fuerte- TKD(JP)
Vega- forgot his name, it was like Rikosute or something, from Japan
Balrog- PR Rog probably, not sure if Maida Taisen(JP) still plays
Fei Long- Fuudo(JP), Mago(JP)
T. Hawk- Kouji KOG(JP)
Adon- Gamerbee(TW)
Rose- Kawaguuchi(JP) or Sako(JP)


Except he no longer plays cammy.
I think when we reffer to as the best player we should mean someone who still plays the respective character.
Sako is deffinetelly the best Ibuki player.

Uryo the best Viper ? Mdr best Rufus ? tkd best Fuerte ???
Also, Gamerbee is from Taiwan, and Taiwan is not a part of Japan since WW2