Best Player to Character Thread

Ok this is how the thread works you pick a character like lets say storm then you put who you think the best storm player is in the world.

**I wanna fill up the whole roster **with a character and then *who you think *is the best player is that uses that character, have fun.

This is the list to end all list, I’ll start with some of my choices for now : )

Cable- Rowtron
Cammy- Justin W.
Strider- Clockwork

Majority wins so whatever player gets the most votes for there character winz that spot.

Strider- Clockw0rk. not opinion, proven fact :tup:

:u: hell yea

I think this is a common definitive for those who have taken certain characters into majors and succeeded w/ them on point at least decently (afaik and can recall atm):

Magneto- Yipes
Mega Man - Preppy
Spiral - Duc Do
Ironman - hmmmm toss up :confused: but ComboFiend may take the cake
Storm - JustinW
Sentinel - lol
Wolverine (both) - Joe Zaza
Tron - MikeZ
Servbot - JustinW :stuck_out_tongue:
Roll - JustinW :stuck_out_tongue:
Ryu - TS (?)
Rogue - ooooohhh VDO vs Vegita-X
BB Hood - ummmm…BB Hood lol
War Machine - Julius Jackson

…others, but I’m kinda thought out

edit: most others for off-main characters are either information or breakthrough-discovery based, e.g.,

Amingo - MikeP
Spiderman - Shoultzula w/ a close toss-up w/ Mixah
Iceman - Chill Effect (? plays ice/storm/sent i think)
Chun - ShinChan w/ a RisunoMeijin barking at his heels for the possible tourney out-coming :open_mouth:
Anakaris - dunno really, but if I had to I would toss up AnakCurse or Gabe from popular opinion and overall contribution
Dhalsim - Magnetro
Psylocke - Mixup
Sonson - Gabe…just a toss up

clocks kung fu is strong

morrigan - mixup, wong, justin k
omega red - omega roy from jacksonville FL. Crazy ass omega player


Sentinel - Sanford (I haven’t seen anyone innovate on this character more than this guy)
Iron Man - Combofiend…J360 is a close second
Doom - Clockw0rk (as far as I’ve heard)…Viscant comes to mind as well…
Blackheart - Sanford (it’s fact…the man said it himself)
Mega Man - toss up between Preppy and MM Steve (leaning towards Steve)
Storm - toss up between JWong and Yipes
Commando - Genghis
Cyclops - Chris Matrix
Juggz - Mike Z
Gambit - JWong
Morrigan - Yipes/JWong
Jill - JWong
Ken - VDO
Colossus - VDO
Rogue - toss up between VDO and Vegeta X
Zangief - ECZangief (he has some shit with him)
Shuma - JWong
Ruby - JWong
Ryu - TS

And no, I’m not putting myself down for Doom…not yet…

M. Bision - Kanu
Hulk - Kanu
Dhalsim - White
Amingo - Ian

mixup has a mad nasty jill. It would be dope to see low on low with those 2 guys playing. Actually, mixup has several mad nasty low tier teams. He’s just too good with a lot of characters :confused:

as far as marrow goes, wong’s probably the best I’ve seen.

vdo’s kens is retarded.

mummy - kinda goes a few ways. Maybe the players from the Philippines deserve the credit but we have our own mummy players like gabe who fuckn owns with the guy. Mixup plays a pretty nasty mummy too

interesting thread but some characters rarely get played or havent gotten played a lot until recently so you cant just name players for them

I got 9th at evo with colossus on my team.

I have been told my numerous people that I have the best colossus in the world.

So I guess I’ll vote for myself as best colossus.

your collosus is annoying and to be honest i think i have the better IM, combos the innovator but im just doing too much with the character. Ill mention Genes IM because hes the only person other than me who i see thats capable of playing the theoretical IM.

I gotta give my ironman vote to j360. this guy has his own shit that will PEEL you. serious shit!

Mark’s Colossus is ridiculously insane.

Hmmm…I need a top character now to take to evo.

though anak is essentially a gimmick character…Gabe def. takes the spot. I need to practice mine, got 5wins at da arcade today…getting there…? again, it’s just gimmicks

gabe’s tron and especially his sonson are nothing to scoff at either

best sonson fosho

VDO is best with all characters on his team…especially as he doesn’t use higher/god tiers…but he will still rush the shit outta you with all 3 of them.

I agree with pretty much everything else here

we also got a player here…his Guile is no joke…I have not seen a better guile

wasnt there a player from japan that also had a really good iron man?


VDO is a beast. And much respect to him.

But his Rogue is beast. His Ken is super Beast Mode! BUt his colossus is lacking from what I have seen. I probably have the most dynamic colossus vision of all though so most probably cannot even comprehend what I know about this character.

I guess you dont know until i hit you with that colossus shit though.

Wasn’t that liquid metal?

seems like everyone in joo’s cricle has a good iron guy / sim

Therimrattler i played at evo had a very annoying Col. and ive played VDO ALOT, hes my boy and all but i feel like Rattlers team has better support for the character. Its a hard call though cause VDO plays col. bare bones.

TRR’s colossus is too good. i have the best sabretooth… lawlz

combofiend is a very successful player but his ironman doesnt seem to do the most damage out of the characters on the team. thats why i think some of the other IM specialists might have him beat.

Shin-Chan has best Chun-li…