Best Player?

Who in your opinion is the best player out there right now. All opinions count and lets try not to bash anyone for thinking.

I would say Combofiend. His play style plus the combos he pulls off are insane. Plus its incredibly hard to beat him. The way he can clutch games is amazing and im 99.9% sure he’s gonna win at EVO this year. Bionic Arm for the win!

Who is the best in your opinion and why do you think he/she deserves that title?

Best Comeback Players: Justin Wong, Comebackfiend.
Best Excecution Players: Desk, MarlinPie.
Best Lame Game: Chris G, Dienminion.
Best commentary: IFC Yipes, Chris Hu.
Biggest Trolls: HonzoGonzo, Jago.
Best “Mid Tier Hero” Players: BUM, Royal Flush.
Canada: Nini Heart.
Players With The Most Rage Inducing Teams: Viscant, Chris G.

Best player so far IMO is Chris G. Both his teams have different styles and he has mastered them both. The mastery of multiple styles shows that he is the best.

However, if we are talking about consistency, I gotta give to either 2 players, Noel Brown or Justin Wong. You never not see these guys in the Top 8 at a MVC3 tournament. I think only once Noel has not made Top 8 after evo and same could be said for Justin. The difference between those 2 is that Justin actually takes tournaments and is alot more clutch.

Combofiend and J Wong.

You must have missed the Nemesis money matches and stream… Nini’s good but I think he’s 5th at best right now. RDK, White_R, Quandizzle, and Detrimantix are probably all ahead of him. Joker and Nickcam possibly as well.

S+: Combofiend, Justin
S: Flocker, Viscant
A+: Fchamp, Noel Brown, Chris G, MarlinPie
A: Jago, RDK, Dieminion, Chrisis

Honestly there are more players I can fit into those groups (except for the S tiers, I think those are locked right now) but I’ll never remember all of them.

There’s no way Chris Matrix isn’t in the running for best commentator. Just listen to this :

Justin is definitely my vote for best UMVC3 player. Boring as hell to watch at times but his fundamentals are out of this world. Combofiend and Chris G are probably runners up.

ShadyK is probably the most slept on player, dude is at least top 4 in the west.

The question is better asked after Evo.

While I think Chris G, Master CJ, and MarlinePie dominate the East Coast scene, I think they qualify as upper mid level players on the West Coast. I think there are more weekly East Coast streams than West Coast, but I still think the level of play in the West Coast overall is higher. I think any decent unknown player from the West Coast could probably beat Chris G, Master CJ, or Marlin Pie.

Eh, I should clean up my post. I think there are more weekly East Coast streams, so you generally see more Marlin Pie/Master CJ/ Chris G. I think that is why their names are thrown out there often. However, I think if we saw more West Coast more often, I think people would agree the West Coast is probably superior. Neither of the 3 are proven against stiff West Coast competition.

Plus Chris G came to my home town, and couldn’t even place top 8 at a local tournament here. So I do think he’s overrated, and is pretty much just schooling a lot of East Coasters who can’t seem to beat chicken blocking.

I’m the best.

i think most would agree Justin Wong and Combofiend are the most complete players in terms of knowledge, execution, reactions, defense, etc. Though I must say everyone seems to always forget about PR Balrog when discussions like this are brought up.

I hear some guy name AceKillah is godlike.

I heard that guy’s just a fraud, the real one spells it AceKilla

I’ll kill him.

For my money, the best MvC3 players are Combofiend and MarlinPie.

Combofiend for all-around, Justin for fundamentals, Chris G for versatility. Everybody else is a (small) step down IMO. I don’t really see others have complete mastery of their whole team like they do.

In Canada, I’d say RDK is our best player, with White_R and Joker up next.

That said, any given Sunday, etc.

Next it’ll be what region is the best.

Region tiers. Texas is sleeper A tier. Montana is fail tier.

Too early in the season to say for sure. Some big guns are coming out of the Midwest right now, keep an eye out for TFA/RZR’s Weaponsleft, Germanlugar, AaronS and the rest of the TFA crew since they have that Razer sponsorship, Ohio’s Perfect Legend took MK last year and I already am betting he will take SC5 and MK again if he bothers to enter it. I expect a strong showing from Antwain “Alucard” Ortiz who will be making his first trip to EVO this year. He has had some solid games vs Justin Wong when Justin came to the midwest and Alucard has found some people to make sure he gets to EVO

Is this a troll? He’s easily in my top 3 worst commentators I’ve ever heard and that’s across at least 5 different gaming communities.

Also links are dumb and yours appears to be broken.

Quandizzle is better than Joker hands down. There’s a reason top 3 is almost always White_R, RDK, Quan in a completely interchangeable order.

This is what Evo is for, to answer questions like this…

Flocker is under rated I think, a hard push for best player but it wouldn’t surprise me.

My heart says Chris G.

My brain says JWong.