Best players of non-fighting video games?


So I’ve always been into competitive gaming as a hobby and love watching replays/vids of the best play. Being that this is SRK I think we can all give opinions as to who the best players of various FGs are but what about non-fgs? For example (these are just my opinions, I’ve played all of the games mentioned at a decent level before):

CS 1.6: frod, Ksharp, GET_RiGHT, n0thing, dboorN, Warden (the fLoE of CS). ShaGuar was pretty dominant in the earlier days of the game but then fell off the face of the earth.

WoW PvP: obviously there’s a bunch of classes but consistent top players include Reckful (retired, best player ever imo), Talbadar, Azael, Venruki, Neilyo (retired), lots of others I forgot.

Stepmania online/FFR: Izzy, Arch0wl, DossarLX, there are probably some way better now but it’s been years since I played this.

DDR/In the Groove: JSB won almost every tournament on the west cost for years. Has since been way surpassed in skill by DukAmok, Iamchris4life, among others

Beatmania IIDX: CStarFlare was the best American player as far as I can tell, but Japan completely dominates this game. DOLCE, lisu are some of the best afaik.

I’m interested in who people think some of the best LoL/SC1/SC2 players are since I know very little about those games. Also other FPS like Quake, Battlefield, etc.


What do you think of the term “esports?”



The best The Sims players are Fri’Chickenisha and Daigos roommate.
Best Tetris player is Jonas Neubauer
There are some guys who are pretty good at online RPS, but I’m unsure who’s the best there…


Oversaturation of US players in the 1.6 part seeing as no US team has been anywhere near the top 10 of the world in ages…


I think it sounds corny and forced. They should just call it “competitive gaming”. Video and table games are not sports imo, despite its difficulty and competitiveness would you call Chess a sport? I don’t think most people would.

Yeah you’re right actually but for a time US was actually good…best right now would probably be all Scandinavian.


Damn this guys play is impressive.

But you mentioning the Sims, I wonder if people push the limits of games like Sin City? Like try to build the most efficient city in the fastest time or something, that would be cool to see. But then this goes into the category of speedrunning which is a bit different. I’ve been watching that Siglemic dude on a little and hes crazy at Mario 64.


Most people are stupid :slight_smile:

It depends on your definition of “sport” and - if you include a ‘physical activity’ part - your definition of “physical activity”.


SSX3 - gondee


Harry Potter


strong lack of EU talent in your cs 1.6 list…heaton brah heaton…


and only the most pedantic of shitheads would even attempt to split hairs on such a bullshit argument. Seeing as the physical acumen required to play a game of chess is equivalent to chewing food, sitting down, or wiping one’s own ass it doesn’t qualify for the obvious implied meaning of “physical activity.” Oh and this is disregarding the fact that a quadriplegic can play chess by calling out coordinates.

As for the topic if you’re talking about head to head I don’t know, but speed running is marginally popular now.


that guy who actually got to go to racing school after winning that gran turismo thing


Slayer Boxer in Starcraft


Crazy Taxi - me.


For DDR/ITG I’d say Blumystic is up there, also from Chicago there was a guy named “Lil” something he won the first ITG invitational in Vegas and Megaman X from Ohio was the first to AAA PSMO.

As for Castlevania 1, 3, and 4 that’s our very own joshthefunkdoc :tup:


if the game has orcs i don’t see any top player beating Grubby


Ive beaten maybe more games here then anyone on this site, and I think I own more games then anyone here


Dolce is on a tier above every other player in IIDX. Lisu has his gimmicks, and other players can do some amazing shit, but Dolce blows them all out of the water.


You know that keeping up concentration at the highest level for 6 hours/game and for weeks of (almost) daily playing is an unbelievable strain on your body, right?
Extreme example, but you get the picture. Stating chess ain’t not physical activity is a stretch, and most people that do so simply have no clue about anything and sprout random things (read: you).


Everything besides CS 1.6 on your list is not worth to be called esports. Neither should anyone take a Casual game like WoW serious.