Best players to follow on replay channel? (PS3 & 360)

Thought it’d be helpful to have a list somewhere of all the top players usernames, so we know who to follow.

I’ll update this first post eventually with all the best ones.

Unless this thread has been done already? (I can’t find it), but this would be useful I think.



Selfishly as a PS3 player, I’d appreciate some PS3 ones first.

To be honest, I think a thread like this should be character specific hence under a certain character forum but if you are going to do the thread I do think you should list the character they main so people searching wont be disappointed looking for a Yun main and the person listed mains Hakan…

Good idea for a thread, but before you make one study up on some quality players. Considering gameinn isn’t even playing AE on console, you need to get more info.


Another person to look for (If you can find him) is Gootecks. If you’re lucky, you can save a Excellent Adventures replay, and do a Cross Counter on it!

WTF? I must’ve been wrong but I searched for him and nothing was on there. There was even a thread made talking about how he’s not on it.

You probably need to scower the leaderboards.

Who would be top players I could play often with online? For either system and rank them by first in the list being the best.

As for that video, the first thing I noticed was game inn running into pokes and only landing a random uppercut from wake and a grab and one traded in the air. The guy can’t use focus attacks for squat.

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I find the value is character specific, not just following the five best guys online or whatever. I follow Chun’s that I can learn from, and have a similar playstyle to me, and it helps me to see what I should be doing, or what mistakes they are making that I am also making. Between Youtube and now, it’s really easy to spend the afternoon watching Daigo and Mago matches online, I look at the AE feature as more of a learning tool.

AFAIK there are no top Japanese AE players on console yet because their PSN store is still down.

Here are a few XBL tags of popular players (I’m not too familiar with the tags of the US players):
nmot - yang [nemo]
efllake - sakura, viper [uryo]
bokusapp - sagat [bonchan]
takehiko331 - deejay [akimo]
wa75842 - makoto [haitani]
maikeru tan00 - ken [michael tan]
bnbbn - yun [banbaban]
gurasuhoppa GO - guile [gameouttt]
alioune sensei - yang
tokido77 - akuma
id poongko - seth
t srai - blanka
eita1988 - akuma, oni
chobixinco - rufus
kiryu tsukimiya - guy
amiyu - gen
zangitan - zangief
keike desora - gouken
playerjun52 - ken
ryukichikun - fei long
acqua0316 - yang
tonpy360 - viper
bullcat - gouken
its showtime360 - ken
yhcmochi - dhalsim
ice0age r - boxer
isy9983 - dictator
wildcat815 - oni (, hakan?)
tiafflate - rose

Shiro’s also somewhat high up on the leaderboards but I forget his tag.


EDIT: Well, that was the PSN he used during Super days.

I love my PS3, but wish more top level players were on it so I could follow them on the replay channel… or it would be nice if replay channel was cross platform.

There’s top level players on PSN. They just don’t “broadcast” their replays on PSN as much.

He’s liek second place on the leaderboards. He doesn’t upload his replays, which is why you can’t follow him. The only replays you’ll find of him are ones where he loses and the winner of that match uploads the replay.

Is anyone else annoyed that there’s a limit to how many players you can follow? Any way around this?