Best Playstation/PS2 pad to hack?

Basically I want to do a dual mod my 360 TE stick with a PS1/PS2 pad, and then just use adapters for PS3, GC, and DC. So, my question is what is the best playstation pad to hack with the least lag if any at all?

Best one IMO is the PS1 Dual Shock:

Just grind the black material off the proper contact points and solder to them. This PCB has probably the best compatibility with converters out of all PS1 pads. I’ve never run into a converter it didn’t like.

Easiest: MC Cthulhu
Hard install, cheap to find: Dualshock 1
Medium install, cheap to find: Sony brand PSX digital pad

None have any lag, all have good converter support with the systems you listed. There was some converter, I think it was a wiimote peripheral converter, that didn’t like the PSX digital pad (which means it wouldn’t like the MC Cthulhu), so the Dualshock 1 has slightly better converter support, but you gotta hunt for a converter that doesn’t work on all three.

So, ease of installation:
MC Cthulhu >>>>>>>Sony Digital >>>DualShock 1
MC Cthulhu >>>>>>> DualShock 1 >>>Sony Digital

If you want it easy, go MC. If you want it cheap, go PSX digital. IMHO.

Thanks for the info, I’ll probably go with the dualshock 1 just because I have it.