Best poke / 1-2 button characters

Top 5: Which chars are the best at a pure poking game (and obviously with throws mixed in so they don’t just block all match long)? I don’t really mean 1-2 buttons but you get the idea, you have some good pokes and you use them at a good clip, with just some other stuff thrown in so you aren’t completely predictable.

Most chars have a really good poke, maybe two, but thats not really their game, even if you try to force it. Like Dudley I’m sure has some good ones but you don’t zone and poke with him, you rush and get all those combos going and what not. Well which chars excel the most at pure poke (with throws, and then random stuff used minimally to mix it up) game?

  1. Chun Li I’m guessing
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?

Which other chars do you think? I don’t wanna use Chun :xeye:.

Surely you don’t wanna just poke either…

Oro’s a decent poking character, as is Alex IMO. Remy has some good ones, as well as an excellent high/low FB game. Shotos have great low pokes as well, but they have a whole game outside of that, too.

I think Oro and Elena are up there.

Oro is the best poker =p


That is all.


Definitely Twelve.

I like Urien’s pokes too. s.HP “EEEYAAA!!” You can feel the priority in his chop.

3.Chun li

  1. twelve
  2. oro
  3. chun
  4. urien
  5. hugo

dudley. RH and fierce, all you need.

  1. Ibuki
  2. Chun-li
  3. Twelve
  4. Urien
  5. Yang

Ibuki can out poke Chun.

For 1-2 buttons, Dudley and Oro, followed closely by Twelve.

Dudley - Standing Fierce or Roundhouse
Oro - Standing mk and roundhouse
Twelve - IAD Fierce