Best Pokes?/In-close mind games?

I’ve been playing Ken for a loooong time, but I just want to know what pokes everyone else uses when they are close to their opponent. I already know that jab and strong are really good. Also, what are really good mind games for up close? Character specific?

I could list a lot of stuff I do or other kens do to me, but the best is to see it, so go to youtube and look for: Umehara, deshiken, Spellmaster-J, Keeper or any of the other 100 ken players and see what they do and if it works or not, then bring that to your game.

Cr.Mp Because It beats a bunch of stuff…

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yeah strong works well

Ken’s best poke is crouching mk. Learn how to poke and counter poke with it. Also use it to counter dash ins…

Ken’s forward and roundhouse are good pokes, too. Both move you forward, both have decent priority, and I think they both have to be parried high. Low forward is still better because it can lead into super, but high kicks are good to mix into block strings or random pokes too prevent yourself from becoming predictable.

Strong fierce and far strong are good, too. One thing I’ve been experimenting with is tap forward, then strong fierce, regardless of distance. I haven’t tried this in play, but the theory is, if my opponent tries to attack, I get a parry and a counter attack. If not, I’ll either get far fierce, or the chain combo, both of which can combo into super. The timing for strong fierce super is about the same as linking far fierce into super. So I get a chance to hit confirm into super if my opponent is near or far.

^^ good luck. i’ve read posts where people say you can link far fierce into super but i’ve never been able to do it.

i’m surprised nobody has sad to use ken’s uoh when close to the opponent. relatively safe on block, and if done from the right distance it can combo into sa3.

not sure on standing, maybe on crouching dudley and other wide hitbox crouchers. but it’s not something to rely on.

anyways yeah, is good.

his SGGK is so godlike, don’t forget to use it. parry, i like to do forward version of throw. but you can kara srk most characters after the plenty of time to confirm parry into

make them block a lot with, walk up slightly or walk forward and back then just out of throw range.

if they like to parry down for and and you’re a bit further, hits a lot of crouching characters except the chinese (twins and chun, correct me if i’m wrong)

after you scare them with strings, space yourself for a UOH into shippu or just back+mk overhead.

ken has millions of shit, too many to list lol. if they like to wake up with shoryu or supers you can even go into his meaty crossup options. that leads into another set of things he can do.

^^ how does his sggk work?

input the parry, and then do close that’s your kara throw. i assume you know how a regular SGGK works since you asked.

with this one all you have to do is confirm if you parried and got the close or not. if you did, cancel into srk. you have as much time as a chun low forward. hell you can even just DP, because even if you get the throw if you did it soon enough you won’t get the dp during the throw animation.

but to add to that, if you connect the first DP, you can do your kara DP. does insane damage, and really useful for an SGGK.

if you really wanna get advanced you can do the SGGK, and if they decide to jump you can always be ready to jump and EX tatsu for some heavy damage. or if you want something easier you can just EX srk them on the way down, or hit the beginning of c.hp xx lk tatsu for an anti air.

sweet, thanks alot :tup:

Personally I don’t like close UOH. At least against the people I play against, they’ll either throw or uppercut, so I end up putting myself into a defensive 50/50.

If it hits, it can link into super, even on standing people. It’s reliable, but it gets some getting used to. The timing is the same as strong fierce super. But it’s one hit, which kind of throws me off sometimes. Far strong is a really good move for wake up games. You can bait out throws and punish with far strong super and it beats out low parries. You just have to be careful about people who can duck under it (Makoto, Chun).

wouldnt it be easier to link mp into fp?

well if you have meter go for it. but on a lot of crouching characters mp hp won’t combo into a canceled jab shoryuken.

the one i posted is the most damaging SGGK you can do without meter. but yeah if you do have meter the target combo into shippu is a lot easier to confirm.

Excuse me, what is the meaning of SGGK?


All in that thread.

you can link far fierce into super only if the opponent is crouching

Vinnoob Maranoob.

I thought it was only Hugo? Or was it a shitload of people?

I think it works on elena as well but don’t quote me on that.

Definitely use uoh on characters like Hugo, Alex, Q and some others where it has the best setups even after you eff it up. But its never really good to do on shoto’s unless you have one that is turtling obviously.

What I have been implementing into my game is the use of ground tatsu’s (mostly jab) to throw off some parries and really mix it up and put ken at a safe distance to see what characters will do as a reaction and low forward counter accordingly.