Best Pokes



I want to learn King and every other character that sucks (e.g. Kyosuke, Dan). I would like to know if King have any DECENT pokes that are worth using at all? Or is it all about RC?:frowning:

Any tips on using the slide effectively?

What are her damaging level 2 cancel into special combos?



Most Damaging Level 2 Cancel:

Level 2 Silent Flash [super cancel recovery] fk Trap Shot

Decent Pokes:

stand lk (buffers into everything)
stand fp

Some people say stand mk has mad priority but I’ve used it alot against Chun Li’s stand strong and Sagat and Blanka and that shit is not anything special AND it has no range.

… as far as the slide goes, just set that shit up in a poke string or something.

And unfortunately, unless you RC that shit, she is not that great. However, RC Mirage Kick is one of the best RC’s in the game, the only things that beat it out are RCed Sakura Fireball and Eagle’s dashing sticks, and RC Tornado Kick will take those out. Yes, you can wake up counter RC Blanka Electricity with RC Mirage Kick as well.

If you can RC Trap Shot, it’s a wicked ass anti-air - it can’t be Air Blocked either.


Hey, thank you so much, Mummy-B! I just tried out King on one player mode once today and she is pretty good. I got well over 1000 groove points by the end and got to meet Shin Akuma for the first time (I’ve had well over 1000 groove points many times before but for some wierd reason, never met Shin Akuma???!). I killed pretty much every computer in a row with my ratio 1 King and using a ratio 1 Rolento only for back-up. And that was the first time I used her (I never used her in King of Fighter or in any other game). Heh heh, today I only spent one quarter the entire day! Saving money is fun.

Her Tornado kick seems pretty good. Beats out lotsa stuff. Pretty tricky move.

Sometimes, if you get a opponent to block a mirage kick, he gets pushed out of range halfway through the move??!

King’s jumping fierce looks so wierd. Can’t even jump-in right or beat out stuff. Standing fierce seems to combo into anything. Is crouching fierce a good anti-air? It doesn’t seem to have a lot of range so I have to time it late. The opponent also crosses over all the time when I try to anti-air and I whiff this move.

The double strike doesn’t always connect! The first hit hit but the second didn’t combo. Do you have to use the HK version for both hits to connect?

King seems to have a lot of things going for her. I haven’t thrown a fireball as good as King’s in months (Gadokens and Cross Cutters were my only fireballs). Wha ha ha.

Is her sweep punishable (not by Balrog or other instant death opponents, I mean normal opponents)?


Try making them block it at the very tip of it using the lk version. She recovers fast enough to block ala Cammy’s lk Sprial Arrow.

Yeah, that’s a good thing and a bad thing. What people don’t realize until a few times later is, the last hit of Mirage Kick reaches farther than the rest of the move, so if they stand out of its range waiting to punish you with a normal, they’ll get hit by the last hit. Which, if you’re in the corner means free CC or DP juggle.

j.fp is mainly used in CCs because of how it hits people up. You should be using or as standard jump ins, or for air-to-air (it has real good priority, it can even hit out/trade with M.Bison).

Her two main anti-airs are c.fp and stand fk. In a cross up situation, just Roll. Or if you see it coming, dash forward and sweep them from behind. Her best bufferable normal is still

Never heard of that. They should always combo.

Outside of quick reaction Level 3 supers or maybe good CC activations, no. As a matter of fact, if you get someone to block a c.fp, follow it up with a sweep. 9 times out of 10, her sweep is so fast it will hit them out of whatever they were trying to hit you back with.

It’s only drawback is (a) it lost bufferable properties it had in CvS1 and (b) it always had real limited range.



The jab version of the Double Strike’s first hit does not stun enough for the second to cleanly hit.


Hrm. Alrighty then. Whenever I do jab ones people either block it or land on them so I wouldn’t really know.

More fun stuff. Against short jumps, her best normal is stand fierce punch. Another decent and bufferable poke is It’s like a low mini stand fierce. okay priority too.


Actually, if the opponent is in the corner, then both short (not jab, blah) projectiles will hit cleanly.