Best Port?

I have the port on the Capcom Classics Collection volume 2. Is that the verison played at Evo? If not what is? Plus, what is considered the best port of Super Turbo?

DC version, with SF collection for PSX as second.

Ccc2 pal has the same problems as ntsc?

^^well, it still has input lag and the sound is fucked up.

? the one i got only has hyper, ce and ww

Then you would have CCC volume 1.

no im talking about the sf collection for the ps1(psx)

EDIT: Ah apparently there are two off to ebay!

That version is cool… Somewhere on some post by NKI. He said that Gian and some other japanese players (IIRC ) do not mind playing the psx verison. There are no real (major) problems with it. :karate:

Best port? I usually go for a nice tawny Graham, aged about 20 years.

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There are some differences mainly 3 button inputs become 2 buttons (this can screw up pianoing if you are for example zangief) and Guile having CPS1 chains but otherwise it is pretty much perfect.


The DC version was so good I didn’t understand the need for CCC2.

From my understanding:

1)Wiz doesn’t like to use DC, he said they are too hard to up keep, they break very easily and are becoming hard to replace.

  1. It was hard to people to find compatable joysticks. There where not many converts that worked well with 3rd party sticks.

3)It was perceived as NOT being arcade perfect. Yet, when push came to shove Sirlin prove that there were only extremely minor differences. It is 99.9% perfect. But, it was not nearly as bad as people thought. One TOD combo did not work with DJ if the game was on anything but turbo1, and there was -1- frame in Sim’s hit box on his short slide that at some perfect distance that was able to be hit by a flash kick on get up that did not hit b4. Point being, it was something that would be extremely rare to see, or even recreate.

Right now, best and cheapest port would be nebula emulator if you don’t care about being legit.

Wait for the new HD version.


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The Saturn Version

But it has alot of slow down…

The Saturn version was very bad actually, for some reason Capcom missed up the close/far moves ranges most of the hitboxes where out of place the PS1 version had the same issue not as bad as the Saturn version.

Guile/DeeJay can throw 2 projectiles on screen that don’t even hit.

One thing also different in SS version is you can actually break multi-hit throws, I don’t know if that works in the PS1 version or not.

Still so far the DC version is the best…now if they can make an emulator that can perfectly handle it !

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Yeah, you have SF Collection 2. SF Collection 1 has Super SF 2, Super SF 2 Turbo, and then a second disc with Alpha 2 Gold.

I actually don’t mind the CCC2 port. It’s not terrible. The input lag is only barely noticeable, if at all by any but the best players.

The DC port is pretty sweet though. Plus the DC is awesome, so +2 points to the DC version.