Best program to use to create a DVD?

I host a yearly Super Bowl party and every year we have a video game tournament before watching the football game. A few years ago I used a program called Studio 8 to create a DVD using footage I recorded with a video camera.

For the upcoming tournament, I’m planning on buying a capture card so I can get high quality video. I’m also going to run a microphone to record everyone talking and add that in as a secondary audio track.

We will be playing Street Fighter along with 5 or 6 other games at the tournament. The DVD set I’m going to make will probably be at least 4 discs long.

I’d like to be able to do what I mentioned above and also add in easter eggs and be able to make everything look nice.

What would be the best program to use to do all of this? I heard the Adobe Premier program is very good but hard for someone who has no experience with it.

Yeah, Adobe Premiere and Sony DVD Architect are the good ones… if you have experience with DVD programs, or video editing programs… or are very good at self-teaching with programs (if you’ve taught yourself to use Photoshop and other stuff with ease). If not, Click-to-DVD is a good program for beginners that makes great looking DVDs, but you won’t be able to make them 16:9. Easter eggs are possible with Click-to-DVD… but they’ll look much better with Adobe Premiere or DVD Architect.

I may just go with Adobe Premier since it is the best to use. I have plenty of time from now until February to read some tutorials and understand how the program works.

I haven’t heard of the Sony DVD Architect, I may check that one out as well.