Best Projectile Assist

So I’ve been re-evaluating my team. I want to get better and more well rounded; my team is lacking zone. Right now I currently dropped my point Wolverine, moved Frank to Point and Dante to middle with Doom on Beam assist. Even though I’m really good with Wolvie, Frank West and Dante are so much better with this assist. I believe that’s the best beam assist but my Doom is terrible. Is there a better projectile assist? If not then I’ll just learn Doom.

In my personal opinion Unibeam is a better beam assist…but it come attached to Iron Man so there is that. Disruptah is better for teleport character since its still way to fucking fast. However plasma beam does do everything…just not as well as the other two imo.

As long as you’re fine with losing mix up opportunities with doom beam soft knocking them down on hit Doom’s beam is a fine choice. Slower start up than Mag disruptah but active for twice as long and does multiple hits making it more durable. You pretty much don’t have to worry about drones assist with doom beam and have a nice clearance assist against missiles as well (though not as effective for clearing missiles as is drones).

I personally like unibeam over plasma beam for what was mentioned above plus you get a full screen DHC option with Dante. Since some of Dante’s combos force him to change sides of the screen you don’t have to worry about having people in the corner so you can DHC for actual damage with sphere flame. Dante can mix up and pressure plenty fine as long as he has his own meter especially with Devil Trigger. Plus since proton cannon is a beam super you can one frame DHC cancel into it to punish stuff from full screen and get Iron Man in safely. Plus Dante has multiple options to get characters in safely without using DHC’s.

I would say probably the best all around projectile assist right now is Hawkeye’s greyhound since it’s durable (one point more durable than plasma beam or unibeam), the fastest projectile assist in the game and other things. It’s not active as long as a beam but the ability to get it out on screen often due to the fast start up and recovery is really good. Long as you’re fine with Hawkeye in 2nd/3rd then you’re good to go.

The only thing you might have trouble with with Hawkeye’s assist is the damage scaling and how it doesn’t cover up the screen or lock down as long as a beam does but other than that it gets the job done.

For some reason I read thread name as best beam assist…but yeah TRIP ARROW! is looking like the best projectile assist.

Yeah for all around you get the best combination of Magneto+Doom/Iron Man with that assist. It’s just I prefer an assist that locks down longer since my team is mix up heavy so I get more on a block situation or if I can’t get in range to hit confirm off a hit I can still turn it into a mix up etc.

Best Projectile Assist: is Golden armour Arthur not doubt

Best beam depend on your goal i.e zoning, teleport and corner.

Yeah in theory gold armor daggers would be best but people find it’s not practical enough when you can just get an assist that’s good from the start. Plus it forces Arthur to be in a position where he’s in gold armor early if the team starts to break apart which limits how long he can be a threat.

imo best beam assists in order:

  1. disruptah
  2. greyhound
  3. gold daggers (it being below the first two pretty much shows that it isnt THAT good… though it is damn near a win condition if you can get them on the right teams)
  4. unibeam
  5. plasma beam

in general i like disruptah above all others cause its best for teleporters, comes out super fast, does basically 0 scaling in combos and isnt duckable unlike greyhound,unibeam and plasma.


Unibeam is the best, but the other beams like Plasma beam, disruptah, greyhound, Aim Master are all very close seconds, so don’t fel like you need to deal with IM to get the job done.

No mention of Chris’ Gun Fire? It’s pretty decent. I think of it as a bullet Unibeam.

Rising Fang. Done.

In technicality it’s not really a projectile since if you wanna throw that in then we can throw tatsu into the mix and tatsu more or less counters all projectiles assists (including at least one of the hits of gold armor daggers…otherwise still loses to gold armor daggers)

You’ve gotta have some extra projectiles and hit boxes out there on your own to challenge tatsu or rising fang once they become active. Rising Fang nullifies all low durability projectiles and tatsu nullifies all low and supposedly can work against medium durability also (though I only got it to absurb one hit of golden armor daggers).

As far as other strong projectile assists Taskmaster’s is up there too. Releases at a good speed, does good chip damage, doesn’t scale much on hit and does 3 hits for some ok lock down.

What happened with Taskmasters, I always assumed it was the same as Greyhound. Though i decided to abandon the projectile assist. Characters with strong projectiles just won’t fit with how I play. I need to rush down. Mag is good with it but I suck with him. Shopping Cart will do, just need to figure out how to use it safely.

Greyhound has overshadowed it a bit due to how it comes out a couple frames faster than even Mag’s beam and does multiple hits for decent lockdown. Aim Master is still pretty good though since once it comes out it travels at a decent speed and doesn’t scale as hard as greyhound.

Sentinel Drones.

I love bolts of ballsack, since I never fight short characters

I usually call this and teleport above the head with Dormammu, if they duck the beam I hit em in the head.

As far as projectile assists go I think they all have their own strengths and weaknesses but Tatsu shits on them all once tatsu gets in close enough (except for golden daggers.

I still like greyhound as the best projectile assist simply because it can go toe to toe or clean out most of others, is extremely fast both in start up and travel and generally does what you want an assist to do. A few characters can duck or footsie under it but that’s not the worst thing in the world.

plasma beam because you can call it like an idiot and never have it punished
you can call it as a defensive assist too and even if you get hit as long as it tags them free combo that doesn’t scale too hard.

it’s very clearly the best all around assist. beats out almost everything durability wise, great speed, braindead placement of assist char so he’s safe nearly 100% of the time so you can call it more or less whenever you want.

also it comes attached to an equally braindead point character who can wreck shop if he’s on second (or third if he gets momentum going)

Depends on the situation and the objective of your team…

Teleport cross-ups = disrupta
Ground Dominance = win blast
Speed = Triple Arrow
Vertical Control = Hidden Missiles, Task P&V.Arrows,
Tick Throw Coverage = Task H.Arrows (seriously, they are so good for timing and covering a lot of characters throw strategies for some reason, especially Nemenis kara cr.:h: xx Tent Slam :l: or :m:)
Platformer = Sent Drones
Screen clearing ability on stopping zoning = Shuma Beam
Push-out ability = Whirlwind
Cross-up mid projectile stream = Arthur Daggars and R.coons shots
Pin-Down = Bolts (seriously, those things can are so good for keeping someone locked down and rushing in) or Cold Star
Hit-confirmability = Unibeam
Corner setups = Mighty Spark, this can be really nasty with Chris or Wesker on point
Occupying Space = Eye of Aga-something
Block strings = Dorm Hole or Doom Rocks
Coverage = Jamming Bomb, forgot who had a Wolvie, MODOK, anchor team, but he or she made that bomb look like a godlike assist

I guess the best projectile complements your teams overall strategy the best.

Some projectiles fill multiple categories. I mean Plasma Beam is good for teleport crossups as well.