Best PS1/2 to dreamcast adapter HELP:)

i know its somewhere in this tech forum, but a few quick questions, what is the best know brand/s adapter to use a ps1/2 joystick on a dreamcast console?

which ones should stay away from

thank you very much everyone

Alright, you play marvel (I was at evo south, got wrecked by Gene in the 3rd round) and almost everyone I know uses the innovation converter, it’s worked with every stick and pad I put in it (even cheapo dollar store brand)

If you had searched a little bit you would have seen people mention either total control plus or the innovation converters. I think total control is what they used at evo for the safty of the DC’s, but IMO the Innovations are better converters, it seemed like the total control’s had slight lag.

Anyway, Innovation converters can be found here as the “dream connection 2”, but click on the picture, and it’s the innovation converter. You won’t find a better converter for PS to DC.

You can find them on EBay to.

Indeed. Answered this question several times already.

I sent him email and he said he was out of stock and never planning on getting any more back in stock. :sad:

i use these and they work fine

edit: i found some on ebay, thats where i bought it.

what converter is best out of the TOTAL PLUS CONVERTERS for playstation to dreamcast?

I believe its the total control plus

i’ve been seeing total control plus 1, 2, and 3 :looney: so i guess that one is total plus 1… …?

oh yeah how thats washer bearing doing? :bgrin:

i think its total control 1,2,3 and plus. The washer bearings are heavenly btw ITS LIKE BUTTAH

good to hear you like em! man if i could only find an innovation adapter, but they are just too rare :sad:

i have an innovation but it broke =(

I have a Total Control Plus. It doesn’t work with VMUs (if I use them then the buttons on my HRAP2 do weird stuff like rapid fire and don’t always register), but as long as I don’t need the VMU it’s perfect.