Best PS2 fighting imports?

Topic says it all…

3rd strike on AE is pretty damn close to arcade perfect.

If you’re importing from Japan and want games that you can’t get for PS2 in the US, go for Garou: Mark of the Wolves and Darkstalkers Collection. If you can get your hands on the Korean version of Guilty Gear XX #Reload, go for it (but good luck). If you don’t have #Reload on X-Box, then the Japanese version of #R is a good second choice.

I’d also say Samurai Shodown V, but the PS2 port really sucks (bad load times) and it’s coming out in the states for X-Box next month. If you don’t have an X-Box, just wait for Tenka anyway.

Samurai Shodown Tenkaichi Kenkakuden and NEOGEO Battle Coliseum are supposed to be coming out for Jap PS2 beofre the end of the year (expect delays!).


Although, isn’t Vampire Chronicles for the JP DC just as good as Darkstalkers Collection? I have Vampire Chronicles, enjoyed it quite a bit, then out it away. IS Darkstalkers Collection any different? Is it worth importing, even though I already have Vampire Chronicles?

Besides the load times Is SSZ aight? I already have Darkstalkers, and yeah Im basically looking for imports I cant get in the US already. Im actually excited about NGBC, its been a while since Ive been excited about a NG game.


DS collection has arcade perfect ports(or close to that anyways) of all the games, Chronicles is an imperfect mishmash.

Probably not. DS Collection is Vampire Hunter, Vampire Hunter 2, Vampire Savior, & Vampire Savior 2 in 1 collection, so it’s like the difference between Hyper Street Fighter: Anniversary Edition and a collection of SF2:WW, SF2:CE, SF2:HF, SSF2, & ST. If you only get 1, I’d say get Collection, but since you already have Chronicles, unless you’re a hardcore DS fan (and who is?) I wouldn’t bother.

Actually, NGBC isn’t on Neogeo. It’s on atomiswave (confusing, huh?)

And yeah, SSZ is alright besides the loads, but those loads are BAD! If you can get it on X-Box or wait for Tenka, you probably should. (Then again, who knows if Tenka will have awful loads too? None of SNK’s recent PS2 ports have had loads tho, so I don’t expect Tenka to either.)


GGXX#R of course.

I dont care enough about SNK games to not still call them NG games:P

Garou: MOTW for PS2 hands down. Online Garou kicks my ass.

Oh, I forgot KOF!

Neowave is pretty slick (though not much different from '02) and Re-Bout is shit.


Collection is far better than Chronicles. You get to play the original games, and not that mismash that Chronicles is that doesn’t even get the different versions of the characters right (VH Mode Demitri’s D,F,DF+KK Super isn’t invincible at startup, his s fierce whiffs most crouched characters, and that’s just one example). I had Chronicles already, but when I heard about the Collection, and how it would be a true collection, I had to have it. Heck, I don’t even want Chronicles anymore.

I’ll pretty much agree with what’s been said. GGXX#R and Garou are great choices, as are KoF '02 and '03 if you don’t already have them for some other system. Neowave is fine if you don’t already have some KoF in your collection, but it’s not adding much value over things like the DC versions of '98 and '02. Skip '94 Re-Bout and SSV.

DON’T FORGET ABOUT GUILTY GEAR SLASH (even tho the console release is rumored for November, no one is 100% sure yet)!!

Also, how is the MotW online play?
When I look up info on it, they just desribe the gameplay info and whats different from the DC version to the PS2 version (unless I miss a few posts on online play).

Rumblefish. I hear the Naruto game isn’t half bad either.

naruto is fun. can’t wait till Narutimett Hero 3 comes out.

slash is coming to jap ps2 in like 5months so if u must have ggR then get it kinda of waste of time though if u ask me. im sure its still like $40.

kof 94 & SS5?? just dont!

if u like 3S then get MOTW. Neowave is worthy but controls seem stiff! :confused:

I wouldn’t say that it’s a waste of time. Slash took out a lot of elements from #R, like option select and most character’s loop combos… but if you want to get accustomed to the system it shouldn’t hurt to get a copy.

Ok, so here is my question, is there any other way, besides buying a japanese ps2 to play imports on an american PS2~? Is there like a disk, plug in, download, anything??? I want Garou and playing it on computer is not enough for me!~!

Seemed like the right place to ask…

Soldering/mod chips, slide card/flip top swap discs. Swap Magic is the easiest, requires taking out a few screws.

if i have a slim ps2, do i still need to modify anything w/ Swap Magic? or is it disc only, no tools required?