Best PS2 joysticks for SF3 (also question about PS2 controller)

there are so many out there, even from the same companies, i don’t know which to choose from…has anybody used the tekken 5 stick, or know if it is exactly the same as the capcom jam stick (since it looks almost identical)? Which ones suck that i should watch out for?

Also, for people without joysticks, how do you rate using the PS2 controller for SF3?

if its an american don’t get anything but a custom or a mas if its jap hori is good tekken 5 doesn’t feel like a cfj or hrap cause its not a sawna stick seriously if you got the money get a custom or a hori or if you like american get a mas or a custom

this will be my first arcade stick so i really have no preference as to american or japanese, i would want whatever is best for the money…is it hard to install sanwa mods yourself? Like if i bought the tekken 5 stick and bought a sanwa stick off of ebay and replaced it with that, would it have the same feel as the CFJ? The only reason i ask is because i am also a fan of the Tekken series, and i was considering getting the Tekken 5 bundle which includes the Hori Tekken 5 arcade stick, but if i couldn’t mod it as necessary to benefit my SF3 gaming abilities, i would reconsider. As far as having money, i have sufficient funds, but i don’t think i would want to spend more than 60-75 dollars not including shipping. Would it be less expensive just to make my own stick?

P.S. anybody else play both Tekken and Street Fighter 3? Are different sticks more suited for the different series, or would a sanwa stick be good for both?

If you want to play 3s, buy the CFJ and mod it with sanwa. It’s not that hard and well worth the money.

Should you want to play Tekken I wouldn’t recommend Sanwa. Neither would i rec. the Tekken 5-arcadestick. I’d rec. the korean bat-sticks used for tekken in Korea. Sanwa isn’t made for tekken. At least that is what i think.

If you would go custom i’d say that the best option is to go with an optical flash-stick. It is different but once you get used to it you’ll never have problem with execution.

Oh and yes. I play both and i play them on all 3 mentioned sticks. Best? The korean. Worst? Sanwa.

  1. Korean
  2. Custom
  3. Sanwa

For tekken that is. For 3s…

  1. Sanwa/Custom
  2. Korean

i can barely find CFJ anywhere and the places i see them they are like $130 without shipping…is there a HUGE difference in performance between custom and korean for tekken, or would having a Custom suffice for both games? And when you say custom, do you mean american or japanese parts, or buying a $200 you see on peoples websites or can you make your own for a reasonable price?

The difference isn’t enough for you to shell out big money. You can play any kind of fighting game on any kind of stick, provided the button layout is correct. I have a regular MAS stick and a Street Fighter Anniversary Edition stick I modded with Happ parts (don’t use the MAS anymore, the SFAE stick is much nicer), and I play Tekken 5, Third Strike, and Super Turbo without any problems.

Something that isn’t so hard to do is buy a cheap stick and mod it with better parts. That’s what I did with the SFAE stick, and I love how it turned out. If you can find one of those on ebay or what have you, that would be great because there’s a great guide for doing that in the hardware forum. Speaking of which, that’s really where you should be asking these questions. People there know all about everything having to do with this, from buying a preexisting stick to modding to building your own. Check it out.

ok, i will check out the hardware forum then, thank you for the help it is much appreciated

Is it difficult, or even possible to remove the square gate on the Tekken 5 stick? Or do you just have to replace the whole stick?

Sorry, I know next to nothing about this stuff.