Best PS2 pad for fightan? SSF4AE (360)


So, I was planning on making a stick for a friend, but it turns out that he doesn’t even want to learn how to play on stick after playing for a few months on pad. Refuses to try out my TE when I bring it over. Luckily, I had only just started planning it out so I guess I’ll drop that and look for a better pad than a standard 360 pad.

I thought I’d start with PS1/PS2 pads since the DS2 is considered one of the best overall controllers. The etokki converter is also widely used as well apparently

so there’s that as well. I was considering a SFxT fightpad until I read that they deteriorate after 2-3 months of usage, then stumbled upon this

which is unfortunately PS3 compatible since he plays on 360.

So, any PS1/PS2 or 360-compatible pads that anyone can recommend?


Sega Playstation = Expensive, but the best one

Neo Geo PS2 Pad = Very comfy joystick, but not the most precise.

Hori 2way = Feels like a Snes controller, but the d-pad is a bit sharp.

ASCii FT2 Pad = D-pad and face buttons are not bad, shoulder buttons are terrible tho

I personally own all of those


I ran into this same problem myself. The mini pro ex controller for the Xbox 360 has smaller body than the oem controller and most resembles the ps2 dual shock. I’ve also seen people using ds2 controllers extended to a project box with a 360 pcb. I think wolfkrone and knuckledu play this way. I haven’t been able to find a tutorial to make something like that