Best ps2 to usb controller adapter


hello i have bought a few of these so far i use to have the black one i got from radio shack then i bought the blue kind that lets you plug in 2 controllers but for some reason second slot didn’t work and it seemed to lag a bit are there any with no lag and what in your experience would be best to get


Brook converter probably.


wtf just saw one brand new on amazon brook for 54 dollars lol the rest are only like 2 to 5 dollars max


Well, it also works on the PS4


Believe it or not, my favorite is this “PS2 To PS3 Xbox 360 Controller Converter Adapter” that you can get on Amazon or eBay for under $10.

The 360 mode does show up as xinput as well.


why do you like it can you just tell a difference in it compared t other converters? im already at a disadvantage as a pad player anyways cause i just feel footsies and mobility is so much better more control with a d pad and i dont need like 4 frames of delay


I haven’t experienced any lag with it via xinput steam games or emulators that only work with usb/ps3 and it’s super cheap.


whats the name of it exactly so can get it from amazon


i have the same adapter, has it lagged since the 1st use? I was having input problems using that same adapter, but I just thought that was on my part.


yes its shit i tried to play on supercade fightcade with a friend plugged in 2 ps2 controllers and when we mapped keys everytime i pushed a button it would do on his too lol you get what you pay for i guess i had a few black ones and they were ok but i always can tell slight lag and i hate that i want the best i can get regardless of price