Best punish combo?

I’ve been putting in time learning Cody but was curious as to what is considered the best punish combo?

If I block a cr.HK what is the best way to punish it?

Is cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx Ruffian Kick or Criminal Upper the standard response?

Nope, that’s a hitconfirm combo.
Personnaly, most of the times I do it simple. Better to land 100% of my punish then miss 10% of them.
So, if I can I do
hp (or 2hp) xx hp cu.
If I can’t do the above (spacing wise OR framewise), I do the latter:
2lk xx hp cu.

That’s the damaging option. If you prefer to push into corner you can use mk ruffian.

cl.hp, xx hp cu / lk ruffian
if you feel that you have the timing down for a one frame link, c.hp xx or,, c.hp xx

For myself:

cr.hp xx - standard and strong punisher. Great when you can’t be sure you’ll hit other links., cr.hp xx is the better version with 1 frame link as stated b y zUkUu.
st.hp, xx works well (10 less damage than the above but I don’t think its a one frame link?). If you p-link you can get the hang of this pretty quickly and allows you to squeeze out a few more hp than cr.hp xx until you get the 1-frame link timing down. as the ender is the best damage/stun as long as it fully connect. If you think its not going to you’re better off using mk.rk for damage or zonk if charged (if it will link - its move and level dependant).

Practice using hk.rk at the end if you want to move into FADC ultra, reset etc as well. As your execution gets better it gives you a way to inflict even more damage and combo into Ultra 1 if you use it.

Out of curiousity does anyone FADC criminal uppers for longers combo’s to inflict more stun when punishing?


cl.hp, is a 2 frame link.

I fadc cu just for the mixup and to make it safe when I get a blocked xx cu. IF you want to increase the combo with a cu use the LP version tho, its initial hit does the most damage.

Thanks for all the tips.

If you land a full focus attack, which combo do you go with?

cr.HP xx hp.CU?

same as the “punisher” combos.

tho you can do a ex rocks, c.hp xx hp cu for great easy damage for one bar. otherwise see above.

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I do it when I’m fishing with random 2lk xx lp cu, or when frame traping with 6mp 2lk xx lp cu, when it connects.

Do what you can consistently do all the time.

I will push with
st.hp, >

that actually does less damage then plain s.hp xx due to scaling.

You are 100% right here’s the thing. Get the laugh out now… I can’t consistently do st.hp into; ZERO idea why, maybe the timing of it or some shit. who knows. SO I use that combo because it always comes out for me. Also the dmg difference is like 12dmg so it’s worth it for the sake of consistency. I actually started working replacing with, which is deal. I really want to get down the, mp, cr.hp > cu. Soo good…

that’s because canceling a standing normal into a srk or hadoken motion is way harder then from a crouching position. just do c.hp xx hp cu then, does the same amount of damage as s.hp xx hp cu.

This may not be relevant to what you wanna punish but against grapplers if you predict when they are mashing or doing a command grab i usually J.HP F.MP ST.MP CR.HP xx HP Criminal upper This combo does like 404 dmg and gives alot of stun if the player manages to still have hope of you messing up the combo and mashing the command grab justs top at the F.MP jump again and repeat combo for STUN(LOVE DAT COMBO)

Don’t forget to practice also: lv3 focus, ex rocks, st.hp, cr.hp, hp cu. It’s character specific but does the most damage and stun

On wich character does that combo work, i always thought that st.hp>cr.hp always connects if its counter hit

It works on Seth, Gouken, Guile, Zangief, El Fuerte, Adon. On Cody too but it’ a little harder to perform. No counter hit needed.

Thanks Dataman

wtf? srsly? i need to check this out, if it works ill be amazed.