Best Remy kara throws?



I’m somewhat good with Remy, but here we don’t use kara throw at all, so I wanted to learn it. I know the theory, what I want to know is what moves are better for Remy’s kara throws and why.
Thanks! :slight_smile:


I say just Kara throw with his Strong punch.

It’s got some good range to it. :wink:


For Remy, Kara with the Roundhouse. It has the most range.


Does the Roundhouse have farther range then the kara?? eh in any case Remy has pretty freaken good Kara’s.


i never use anything other then his MP.
does the speed of the punch/kick have any affect on this?


yeah, his roundhouse karas the best range…makes my dick hard…


if u do the HK kara throw too close u’ll end up whiffing the throw even tho u might be in throw range (i wonder if that makes sense)

MP is the one i prefer also it’s alot safer than the HK and the MP one invoves less distance measuring